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Hostel :Hundreds of students from all across the country live in hostel premises, which come closest to being "a home away from home". The separate facilities for boys and girls, caring wardens and a tight security ensure a pleasant stay allowing the students to focus on academics.

Whilst internet access and best lab facilities ensure close contact with family and friends outside, the fully equipped common rooms allow for that relaxed time with friends on Campus.

The College has a elegantly constructed Boy's Hostel in the campus having two , three and four seaters. Hygienically prepared nutritious food, recreation room equipped with T.V., facility of indoor games and internet, exemplary discipline with desired freedom make the hostel a home away from home. We appreciate parent's anxiety regarding a safe and secure environment for their wards. The wardens in both the hostels act as guardians for the hostellers. Ragging is given a big "No" both at our campus and in our hostels.

Hostel facility in college

A hostel becomes the number one option for students who cannot travel from their homes to the schools and colleges daily. After getting admission to college, the next most important thing to be selected in an institution is to get a nice hostel. Students and parents always have a strict eye for places where they do not face any kind of problem while getting their education properly.

Therefore every year, hundreds of students from across the country join our institution and come to live in our fascinating hostel premises. The best saying to describe our hostel premises can be "a home away from home!". There are separate hostels for boys and girls, and they provide world-class facilities. The hostel facilities provided by our college are a combination of all the requirements of a good living place for students.

A healthy lifestyle is really important to get a good education, and if our life is not peaceful, then it is really difficult to grab our knowledge properly.

Arya College Hostel Facility

While studying at Arya College  main campus Jaipur, a student's life away from the classroom will generally be at our hostel.

There are separate hostel facilities in college for boys and girls, and they ensure world-class facilities. A few of the hostel facilities that are provided by our college that are must and need to be present to provide a healthy and quality lifestyle are mentioned below:

Healthy living space

To be more specific, the rooms in a hostel are considered the living space. Every room consists of a basic set of furniture which the student needs. They can include a bed, a personal wardrobe, a study table and a chair. In case the room is shared, sufficient space is provided between the furniture of adjacent students so that every student has their necessary personal space.

Warden and her availability

The facilities provided by our college include an experienced warden who is also the hostel supervisor. Being in incharge of all the happenings of the hostel premises, she is also responsible for resolving all the issues the students face in the hostel.

Her availability at all times is of utmost importance, and therefore it is ensured by the college that this is never missed from the hostel. They are receptive to student communication and take active steps in implementing all the suggestions provided by the students.

Safety and security

To maintain a secure environment, caring wardens and a tight security system are maintained, ensuring a stay full of pleasure and helping the students focus on their academics. Any loopholes in maintaining the safety and security of the students in the hostel are never entertained. The safety facilities provided by our college include clear boundaries and CCTV cameras and all the corridors.

All the hostels are provided with top-notch security installation. The entry and exit of every person are registered and are taken care of. Strict actions are taken on any suspicious activity.

Cleanliness and hygiene

The fascinating hostels provided by our college are fully hygienic at all times. Taking from the rooms to the dining area, cleanliness and hygiene are the college"s topmost priority. The proper cleaning staff is maintained for all the rooms, the corridors and the dining area.

Indoor amenities

There is a common room where students can indulge in various activities and interact with each other. It also contains facilities like indoor games, a small library and a reading area which eventually improves the social life inside the hostel and indirectly helps the student enhance their college education.

Group activities

There are very few hostels that allow community activities that include occasional routing and picnics, our hostels ensure that these activities are regularly taking place. These activities are indirectly important as they make the students feel at home when staying away from their homes. Moreover, making new connections and indulging with their peers in a different environment keeps the students" lives exciting, creates motivation, and boosts their concentration level.

Discipline and decorum

Strict guidelines are maintained in hostel premises to ensure student safety up to massive levels, maintain a peaceful environment and develop a disciplined lifestyle. Maintaining discipline in the hostel environment helps prevent unnecessary distractions from creeping in and shifting students' attention away from studies.

24x7 water and electricity supply in all the hostels

These are some basic amenities that are ensured to be provided so that students do not face any problems. In addition, hygienic water is provided to the students for all purposes.

Good and healthy food

The mess provides delicious and healthy food, which makes the students be able to live a happy and healthy life. The hygiene of the food is maintained at all times.

Etiquettes to be followed while staying at a hostel:

There are some of the unwritten rules that should be followed by everybody when staying at hostels.

Most of the hostel etiquettes to be kept in mind in Arya College   are basically common sense rules for a fantastic experience.

1. The need to respect each other is very important.

There is a saying which should be kept in mind while staying at a hostel which is "treat people as you would like to be treated".

2. Cleaning up after using the kitchen area.

Nobody likes a person who uses all the kitchen pots and the spaces and just leaves them there undone. The basic etiquette to be kept in mind while using the kitchen is to clean everything after being used. The need to leave the place tidy is really important.

3. Maintain silence at night

One needs to use the do not disturb signs in order to make the people know that you are busy with your work.

4. Parties need to be kept outside the hostel.

Staying outside the hostel while partying is a yes yes.

5. The bathroom is not a personal space.

The bathroom is not a personal area and is a common space and therefore it needs to be kept clean after using it.

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