About Arya College

Arya Institute of Engineering Technology & Management

Arya Institute of Engineering Technology & Management (AIETM) has the best possible industry contacts, the finest of faculty and a stimulating learning environment. It is a catalyst for new ideas, concepts, and skills. To attain its objectives, AIETM ensures that its every student emerges as a total professional i.e. as one with a distinct individuality to lead and galvanize the process of change and transformation in the 21st century. It intends to help students discover their various facets and attain their true potential.. All in all, AIETM ensures that its students are equipped with the resources to realize their dreams the moment they step out from the Institute. In addition to accelerating the pace of meeting its primary obligation to fostering the academic, intellectual, and scholastic standards, the College has been making genuine and ample efforts for enhancing the employability skills of the Students.

AIETM, finest Engineering college in Jaipur , emphasize on fostering growth in Research design and Development (R&D). It encourages faculties to develop Coordination in academic and research activities of common interest. AIETM acts as a stimulus for generation and exchange of ideas among students, teachers, research organizations and the state Government, so as to promote entrepreneurial culture among students. The Institute take steps for facilitating appropriate environment in the institution of education to achieve harmonious relationship among teachers, students and staff. Through continuous innovation of methods of learning , teaching & research , AIETM focuses on providing consultancy in areas of speacialization and expertise to foster Engineering in Jaipur.

  • Strong research orientation and culture based foundation
  • Sustainable progress and conscientious learning
  • Spirit of Academic Orientation and integrity
  • Extensive understanding and acquaintance of the human sciences
  • An unfettered strength of exploration, rationality and enterprise
  • Responsibility towards society and humanity
  • Commitment to excellence in all spheres of life

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