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The club activities at Arya College are complementary to academics and help in the development of soft skills in students.
This brings greater career prospects as well as enhances the technical skills of students which are prerequisites for a successful career.


About Arya College

Electrical Engineering Department

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” —they believe it’s the invariable right of a person to pursue his heart and his passion. The Power club by ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT, is for the people who have an unquenchable thirst to be different. Technical and informal events throughout the year are conducted - be it Contraptions, which involve the application of engineering concepts of several streams or, LIVE QuizUp or even sport events like kabbadi, volleyball, badminton , cricket etc.. Over the years celebratory events like “Kite Flying” on 15th JAnuary have been conducted to spread the smile. A CELEBRITY EVENT was also conducted , the star cast and team of ISHQ FOREVER visited the campus and interacted with students. Albert Einstein once said Creativity is contagious, pass it on. The members look forward to pass on this candle of light so others also may be enlightened. ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT comes up with its a monthly newsletter to show case the best in talent.


About Arya College

Computer Engineering Department

The .NET strives to hone the all round talents of an individual who wishes to master the language of program - CODING. It facilitates a variety of events that engage you as a listener and a participant. The .NET hosts literary events like coding, NFS, CRACK IT, app developing and a lot more events which serve as great platforms for the students of ARYA to exhibit their hidden talents. It is responsible for nearly 5 activities in Shradhanjali every year. .NET possesses the seriousness associated with a this club however it also possesses the fun, energy and enthusiasm associated with any college club.


About Arya College

Mechanical Engineering Department

The ARYA CLUB OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING is for the students who want a chance to pursue their manifold passions beyond the classroom. Some groups build off of academic pursuits while others focus on shared interests and hobbies. ACME Club strives to promote an interest in the machine learning, automation, sports , etc and serve as a resource for students interested in the major. Some of our main activities have included, seminars on emerging technologies, workshops held on 17-18 october 2015 on IC ENGINES & AUTOMOBILE, and talks by professors from the MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Department , to encourage the students and bring the best out of them.


About Arya College

Electronics & Communication Engineering

IF you have love for robot than this club is the best place to share your enthusiasm . This club takes you to the exciting world of robotics. We inspire students to bring out their hidden talent and explore science and technology with robotics. Through lectures, social events, fundraisers, a monthly newsletter, and the blogs on robotics and Society, we hope to provide a forum for students to extend their interest in robots beyond the classroom. The club seeks to promote unity among the various community and inspire students to pursue study about robots by organizing events like working on Advanced Arm Battle Vehicle,Designing THIRD EYE ROBO Using Smart ‪#‎Phone project, esigning remote operation of Dish antenna positioning system project, etc and allowing students to get to know professors outside of an academic setting.


About Arya College


Want to bust a move? Run the mile? Recite the monologue from Hamlet? Protest injustice? Meditate? Congregate? Celebrate? You want to get plugged into our student orgs. Over 500+ student-run organizations (with new ones every year) make the pulse of our campus beat in a beautiful tempo. They’re always looking for new members, whether you’re in your first or final year of ARYA. So get involved! Your life will never be the same.

Toastmaster Club

About Arya College
About Arya College

Club No. 7166635

Toastmasters #International is a US-headquartered nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of promoting communication and public speaking skills.
The aim of establishing the club is to enhance the students speaking and communicating skills. Many students have joined the club and are working actively on their goal of personality and comm. skills development.

Rotary Club

About Arya College
About Arya College