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Campus placement, also known as campus recruitment, is a program conducted within the Universities and other educational institutions to provide jobs to the students who are near to the completion of their studies. It is a type of program in which educational institutions partner with the cooperation who wish to recruit from the student population available.

We know that this is a competitive era and preparing ourselves for campus placements is one of the most pivotal parts of education. But, unfortunately, most of the students ignored the significance of the campus placements and waved goodbye to the opportunity e of getting selected by different companies.

But in this modern world, we can observe hundreds of students actively taking part in the campus placement process. Considering the advantages of campus recruitment, one of them can be considered the Assurance of stable job profiles in reputed companies. It is conducted in various institutions to provide job opportunities to the students and allow them to earn a safe and secure future. Therefore, while considering the placement's importance, a student needs to prepare adequately for these placement programs and ensure that they put their best forward.

Arya College Jaipur placements programs are arranged, and it invites all the best possible companies to recruit from the students. These placements are beneficial for the student and benefit the companies and the colleges.

There are only two types of Campus placements
  • On-campus placement

In this type of placement, the individual seeks employment on their own. It is completely up to them to get themselves placed in a company after completing their education.

  • Off-campus placement

In this type of placement, the individual seeks employment on their own. It is completely up to them to get themselves placed in a company after completing their education.

The objective of campus placements

The main objectives behind the campus placement activities are to get students jobs right after completing their education. The campus placements are conducted just before the final exams. Students thus get an additional incentive to do well in the final exams.

The objectives also include the identification of talented and qualified students in the college. Selecting candidates was really suitable for the current job roles without discriminatory behavior.

So as to ensure your ultimate satisfaction to the students by offering them companies of their choices according to their eligibility.

To provide them career guidance through counseling and interactions with industry experts.

To evaluate and select the right candidate to meet the organization's requirements and to identify the students' professional traits and real-time skills and values.

To provide roles and duties as per students' knowledge, interest, expertise and skills.

Importance of campus placements

Campus placements at Arya College Jaipur play a very critical role in the life of the students. The significance of campus placement has eventually become an integral part of an institution's offerings. It benefits the students and the recruitment companies as well and is one of the most suitable techniques to select the best-qualified candidates for the organization.

It also acts as a concrete platform that helps aspirants achieve their professional career goals. It also allows the students to Unleash future opportunities to kick start their careers in the right direction. Also, it strengthens the long-term career foundation of the students.

Arya College Jaipur also offers students procedure jobs in reputed organizations before completing the degree. Also, it helps recruiters to find the right fit for the organization without wasting much time. The formation of cordial relationships between the company and the college is also a great advantage of Campus placements. It also builds a bond of loyalty and commitment between the college and the students.

Process of campus placement at Arya College Jaipur :

Pre-placement discussion

The first step of the placement process is a pre-placement discussion which includes a presentation briefing the company's profile, selection procedure, vision and mission and major accomplishments.

Written test

Most of the companies that recruit students to conduct written tests may differ based on the positions the students are applying for, their academic performances, and their educational streams.

Group discussion

This round is basically included in the interview to evaluate the communication and presentation skills of the candidate. Many companies usually prefer the step to filter out the lower eligible candidate, and hence it is also known as the elimination round. This round also tests the confidence level of the students.

Technical Interview

The students undergo a technical round in which the technical skills are tested. The candidates are asked a few questions by the individual or panel to understand their technical competencies. It would hugely benefit the students who have seriously completed their projects rather than those who use plagiarized content.

HR Interview

It is the last phase of the campus recruitment process, and it can be either an individual HR round or combined one with an expert. The more updated and confident a student is, the more will be measured chances of selection. There are many instances when some technically strong candidates fail to get through the HR round. The reason behind this can be poor presentation skills, overconfidence, or being rude or extremely timid in their attitude.

Post–Placement Discussion

After selecting a candidate, they will be receiving an offer letter that contains important information on the company's guidelines relating to the joining process, the company's policies, and other valuable information that needs to be known.

Tips to crack campus placement interviews

Talking about the tips to crack campus placement interviews, here are some tips:

  • Revise the subjects thoroughly and stay updated with the latest trends
  • Preparation of Aptitude Test
  • Brushing up the technical knowledge
  • Practice the English speaking and writing skills very well
  • Actively participate in mock interviews to prepare yourself
  • Increase the general knowledge

Advantages of campus placement at Arya College , Jaipur

  1. Selection of best and quality candidates
  2. Saves time and effort
  3. Large opportunities for students
  4. Selection and retention ratio
  5. Campus and company builds and maintains a strong relationship
  6. New knowledge and skills
  7. Popular campus
  8. Updated latest technology
  9. Limited competition

Arya CollegePlacements

At Arya College , Jaipur strong campus recruitment programs are critical for the comprehensive recruitment strategy, particularly in a business environment where filling open positions is really difficult. When there is a useful out of skilled people and jobs, the survival of the fittest comes into existence.

At Arya College , Jaipur the placement cell helps to bring out the metamorphosis of fresh talent to market-ready skilled professionals. The primary objective of the college placement cell at Arya College Jaipur is to place all eligible students in reputed companies right from the campus itself.

It also helps identify the knowledge, skills and attitude of the students coming from all around the world and create job profiles for each of them to help them get placed in relevant profiles with reputed companies. An established placement cell body becomes a very crucial indicator of the best university or colleges in India. Placements provide work experience, and it is really beneficial for a student to gain good work experience to make their career brighter.

How is Placement beneficial?

It helps to explore career options.

It is an important step in establishing career goals, and working with experienced professionals can help us shape career aims and plan the steps we need to take to reach them.

It helps to develop our skills.

As it makes us apply our knowledge in a professional working environment, their actions could have a real impact on the company. Technical skills and soft skills are important for a person to grow and get the best of their career.

It helps us enhance our CV.

It helps us have a fever with practical experience, which gives us a competitive edge over other candidates. In addition, employed the Orphan specifically seeks out the graduates who have some work experience on their CVs.

They help us build a network.

It is a unique opportunity to introduce oneself, ask questions and make an impression. Networking is also all about seeing advice and finding important mentors. A mentor can help us grow by sharing their expertise, introducing us to other professionals and offering guidance on the next step in our career path.

It also helps to boost confidence.

It is one of the great opportunities to showcase ourselves in front of the recruiters or the company. It has been a stronger belief in our abilities, and it also helps to make us feel proud of our contribution to the company.

During the placement year at Arya College Jaipur , the students will have full support from an individual placement tutor who will visit the students at their workplaces and help them get the most of their experience. They can also help the students with any academic, professional or personal matter.

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