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About the Electrical Engineering Department:

Electricity is the basic form of energy that runs our world, It is also a decisive prerequisite for rapid development of industry and agriculture. Electrical Engineering is a fascinating and rewarding field of study with many opportunities to solve key engineering problems.

The Arya College Jaipur, inculcates in the students skills to understand, apply and analyze the underlying electrical principles through comprehensive curriculum of Electrical Machines, Electrical and Electronic Network Theories, Control and Power Systems etc.

The department has well qualified & experienced faculty. It nurtures the students so as to perform at high academic level.. State of the art laboratories provide hands-on training to the students of Electrical Engineering. Special classes are also arranged for good understanding of the complex subjects. Classroom teaching is supported by video lectures and PPTs. The Department of Electrical Engineering has an advisory council from amongst the teaching members, which meets at least once in a semester to review and evaluate performance of the department and offer advice in needed areas. Arya college is one of theBest Electrical Engineering colleges in Jaipur, India.

Departmental Goals of Arya Electrical Engineering Colleges in Jaipur

To establish centers of excellence in various fields of Computer Science.

To encourage faculty members to take-up R&D and consultancy projects in the area of Computer Science and Engineering.

To train faculty members in the advanced domains of Computer Science.

To prepare students for successful careers and lifelong learning in computer science and engineering with strong professional ethics and behaviour.

To ensure effective teaching and learning process and quality research.

To encourage innovations, product design and new technologies.

Message By HOD:

Electrical Power There is growing demand of Electrical Engineers in the Government and private sectors., The Department is making best efforts to produce highly trained and capable engineers who can take up the challenges of the real world. Today the technology is changing at much faster pace as ever before. Department of electrical engineering has well equipped laboratories to provide good knowledge of the subject by performing practical experiments. The department comprises of best of faculty from industries and academia to help bridge the gap and groom the best talent for the industries. ACERC is Ragging Free Campus. Number of Anti ragging measures are in place to ensure strict compliance.


Department of Electrical Engineering

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Arya College, Jaipur

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