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Bachelor of Technology - B Tech Courses

Bachelors in Technology, BTech course is a technical and highly prestigious certification in engineering and engineering degree program offered to undergraduate applicants for around four years of practical experience and intensive research in the field. A B Tech degree is the starting point for a successful career in engineering.

The engineering field is widespread, and its future prospects are prosperous and bright. The requirement for good engineers is growing high with increased technology and more. Engineers get accepted in various sectors, and HR and recruiters of the organizations are looking out for great engineers to enter their organization and push the organization to new heights.

Why to prefer Arya College (Arya College) to pursue Btech Courses in AI and Data Science?

Arya College has always focussed on imparting quality education to students in the field of engineering. Extending the academic programs further and analyzing the needs of the future, we have recently introduced a new course B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. One of the most sought after technologies in the present times, AI has a significant role to play in the times to come.

Therefore, learning these advanced technologies can be very beneficial for students as they can explore the various career opportunities available in the field of AI and Data Science. Being ranked among the top 10 engineering colleges in Jaipur, we believe that engineering is not only about getting high paid jobs in multinational companies but also about devising innovative solutions for real-world problems.

Artificial Intelligence involves the natural intelligence of human beings, and algorithms based on these are used to perform automatic actions. Past patterns are recognized to perform similar operations, and the process continues for doing various similar tasks. Analyzing the existing scenario, learning Artificial Intelligence and Data Science can assist in developing automatic systems that will result in cost efficiency and several other benefits to the organizations.

Talking about Data science, it has brought about a massive revolution in almost all industries. This technology has occupied a crucial presence in the contemporary world as modern societies are data-driven.

Job Scope And Career Prospects

Pursuing engineering is a dream of several science stream students. Most of them get into engineering without knowing what they like or desire to do after completing a bachelor's degree in engineering.

In that scenario, one must know the career scope a btech aspirant has after completing the course.

Btech College Placements

College placements are the popular career options after engineering, and they are an integral part of the offering for any top b tech college in Jaipur.

  • Campus placements allow a student to recruit directly without any effort and offer you a chance to get a lucrative job.
  • You can also get a job via campus placements as the outside world has higher competition than campus.

To take placements after engineering, the candidates must have the following things:

  • Keep the resume up to date
  • Maintain a good score in the subject and be aware of what you did in the internship and btech project
  • Participate in other curricular activities and be ready for group discussions
  • Do proper research and study the companies you are applying for

Higher Studies

Pursuing higher studies is yet another thing students can do after completing the engineering bachelor's degree. Usually, engineering students take admission in an MBA or MTech program, prepare for GATE to test their comprehensive understanding of engineering subjects. Arya College (Arya College Jaipur) provide students with all these facilities they require, and being the top b tech college in Rajasthan, studying further here will help students to;

  • Expand their knowledge and skills
  • Offers a competitive advantage
  • Increase earning potential
  • Enhance the pay scale
  • Boosts professional credibility

Students can also have some other certifications in languages or other things, including:

  • Ethical Hacking and information security
  • C, Java, C++, .Net, SQL
  • Web Designing and software testing
  • Borland Database engine, robotics, embedded technology

A Job at Public Sector Undertaking

You can enter the sector to get a lucrative job and get a job on a permanent or temporary basis.

You need to have a valid gate score, or without GATE, you can also apply.

You can apply in these without a GATE score -

  • Airport Authority of India
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Shipping Corporation of India Limited
  • Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Bureau of International Limited, and more

Study Management

Study management is an incredible career choice among engineering candidates. Btech and MBA is an excellent combination that recruiters look for, and that is why various students take MBA courses as their further degree courses.

Pursuing an MBA or any other higher study course from the top b tech college will help students in various scenarios. An MBA degree enables you to get management roles in popular organizations. At Arya College (Arya College Jaipur) , we provide an excellent integrated course in both MBA and Mtech to attain further knowledge and explore vast opportunities in job prospects.

Take Civil Services Entrance Exam

After btech, students can also take the civil services entrance exams to serve the nation. For that, students need to clear the UPSC civil service exam, and it is one of the most challenging examinations ever.

The UPSC offers optional engineering subjects, including electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering.

Join the Defense

Just like being a civil servant, if you desire to serve the country, you can also go for the Indian Navy or Army or Air Force after completing the BTech courses. The Indian army possesses a highly skilled technical wing supporting the troops, and hence there are various opportunities for engineers in the Indian army.

A career in defence will offer:

  • A good pay
  • Job security

To take entry in the Indian army sector, you need to take up;

  • UES - University Entry Scheme
  • AFCAT - Air Force Common Admission Test
  • SSC - Short Service Commission


Students can also choose the path of entrepreneurship after Btech. Because nowadays, students can be an entrepreneur, and the success of various startups inspires engineers to set up their businesses.

Arya college, being the RTU top engineering college, provides the freedom to students to express their ideas and creativity. They can use the entrepreneurship program we provide, to begin with their startup.

A Job in Private Sector

Students can also choose the path of entrepreneurship after Btech. Because nowadays, students can be an entrepreneur, and the success of various startups inspires engineers to set up their businesses.

Campus placements are an incredible way to get leads for the private sector, but students can also start their own research. We are known as the best placement college in Rajasthan as we provide the top recruiters to recruit our students and own a higher placement percentage every year.

Benefits Of Pursuing BTech Course From The Top Btech college In Jaipur

Students with a bachelor’s of engineering degree can attain some benefits during their work and job prospects. Compared to normal colleges, graduates from Arya college, the top btech college in Jaipur, get higher wages. We have a committed placement cell to work for engineering graduates and place them at reputable companies. Here are some perks of pursuing btech courses from the best btech college in Jaipur

Job Satisfaction

Engineers in their organizations have high job satisfaction, and they are often rewarded with various incentives and benefits for their performance at work. Being the top b tech college in Jaipur, we raise student awareness for the current market requirements while preparing them to excel in their jobs.

Wide career opportunities

An engineer can specialize in any other field after completing their btech courses and pursuing management or entrepreneurship to get various career opportunities. We offer students to become well-known faculty members in any college as well as our college as well.

Development of the mind

Engineers also collaborate with the brightest minds, and their intellectual development has no limits. They always gather real-world solutions and serve as role models by being a ray of hope for others.

Society’s assistive hand

Engineering graduates can be valuable to society as they solve challenges, making their lives simpler. They are also responsible for the construction of various things like hospital requirements, airports, dams, scientific breakthroughs, and more.

Financial Security

Graduating in BTech courses from the top btech college in Jaipur will provide financial security in any sector. They can earn well from their jobs and make a comfortable living.

Why is Arya College the Best Placement College in Rajasthan after Btech Courses?

Arya College (Arya College Jaipur) is the best placement college in Rajasthan as we create the future by setting up various engineers for the different industries. As an engineering institute, we make sure that each student has the Highest placement college in Jaipur and Highest placement college in Rajasthan.

When a student is admitted to any school, business or college, they expect to grab the best jobs in the organisation's best. Placements provide the students and different colleges to get directly into the organization. During this process, we train our students; we teach them about the various tactics with the help of which they can deal with the multiple types of situations in the practical world.

Most of the top engineering colleges of Rajasthan have a uniform system of the selection procedure. Various national and state level exams are conducted like AIEEE, IEEE, JEE, GATE, RPET, etc., for admission in engineering colleges. A higher rank would mean access to the top engineering college in India.

The minimum qualification for appearing for the engineering entrance exams is 50% aggregate marks at 10+2 level or with physics, chemistry, mathematics as compulsory subjects and one optional science subject. Arya College (Arya College Jaipur) accepts appropriate scores of different entrance exams. The Best engineering colleges in Jaipur provide specializations into various streams of engineering such as;

  • Civil Engineering,
  • Computer Engineering,
  • Electrical Engineering,
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering

Being the top b tech college in Rajasthan, we have made separate groups and departments called placement cells that reach out to the different companies. These companies yearly organize special introduction sessions, where they introduce themselves to the students, and later, they follow their pattern of hiring many students.

Every student who aspires to be an engineer seeks admission to the Best engineering colleges in Jaipur. To become a part of the top 10 engineering colleges in Jaipur, every student's dream, one has to undergo extensive training and coaching sessions to prepare for the admission procedure.

Arya College, Jaipur

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