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Tips to Success in College Campus Placement That Advance Your Professional Life

Tips to Success in College Campus Placement That Advance Your Professional Life
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Tips to Success in College Campus Placement That Advance Your Professional Life

Getting a good job in a prominent company is a real struggle but if you happen to be a part of reputed colleges like Arya College then you do not need to worry, such Colleges smoothen the process of getting 1st job through campus placement. But to get placed in top companies, you need to perform better than your batchmates and you need rigorous preparation for that.

If you want to know how you can get success in college placement, then go through this blog to read the essential preparation tips for placement.

What do you understand about Campus Recruitment/placement?

Campus recruitment meaning is when a college/University invites various service-based or product-based companies on their campus to assist students in finding relevant job positions for themselves. This program is conducted for final-year students of both undergraduate & postgraduate programs.

Preparation Tips for Campus Placement

Below-mentioned is the step-by-step preparation guidance based on different rounds conducted at the best placement colleges to help you excel in campus recruitment-

Shortlisting of Resume

The 1st step of on campus placement is the shortlisting of resume. And to get your resume shortlisted, draft a Strong, brief, and clear resume by highlighting your skills. While drafting a resume you should always check the job description of that particular company and include those keywords in your resume to make it stand out. 

Additionally, you should attach a cover letter with your resume stating why you applied for the particular job, why the company should choose you, etc.

Skill Assessment Test

Most IT/Software companies conduct a skill-assessment test/aptitude test to determine the reasoning ability & analytical quotient of the candidates. This test can be conducted via online/offline mode and includes questions of logical reasoning, language, data interpretation, visual reasoning, and quantitative aptitude. And companies that recruit engineers also conduct assessments to check the coding/programming language of the candidates.

So, to clear the 2nd stage, you need to gain knowledge and expertise in commonly used programming languages such as C++, java, python, etc., and practice logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude questions.

Group Discussion

To analyse the problem-solving ability of the candidates, companies conduct this round during Campus placement. And to prepare for the Group discussion round you can participate in mock GDs conducted by your college’s training & placement team or practice with your friends.

To perform well in this round, you need to work on your communication skills and practice structuring your argument with a solution-based approach. Additionally, it is very important to be seen during the discussion, so you also need to practice how you can take charge by starting with a relevant point in the discussion. While the discussion is going on you should present your viewpoint by listening and respecting others’ viewpoints professionally.

Technical Interview

To get a job in the engineering domain, having technical proficiency is very important. And the technical interview round is one of the crucial rounds of college placement. Recruiters in this round assess your programming, coding skills, and technological knowledge. So, you need to work on your coding skills and should try to improve your technical knowledge by reading basic as well as advanced and upcoming technologies in your specialisation. 

You can also take help from the internet or your seniors to understand what are the general questions asked during this round and you can practice those questions accordingly.

Panel Interview

This is another crucial stage of campus placement. Here, a group of recruiters have a face-to-face conversation with potential candidates. In this round, the recruiters will assess your personality, communication skills, problem-solving skills, confidence level, and technical knowledge and will ask general and situation-based questions.

To practice for this round, you should participate in mock interviews, should prepare answers for generalised questions, and also prepare a good beginning and end to leave a lasting impression on the panel. Also, on the day of the interview, reach the Venue at least 20-30 minutes prior with a presentable appearance. And while giving your interview, be confident and maintain eye contact with the recruiters.

HR Interview

In this round, the HR professional of the company will test whether you are a good fit for the company or not. They will also discuss questions like why you want to join the organisation, your strengths & weaknesses, or questions related to your salary expectation. So, you should prepare your answers to such questions before appearing for the interview. In this round, you can also ask some questions if you want to know any details about the company.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Campus Recruitment

The campus recruitment advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below-

Disadvantages of Campus Recruitment

  • Retention & Engagement
  • The traditional campus recruitment process is less effective
  • High importance is given to resume
  • The high number of applicants with limited recruiting staff

Advantages of Campus Recruitment

  • Large opportunities for students with limited competition
  • Saves time & effort in finding a good job
  • Easy gateway to get into top multinational companies
  • Relationship between college & organisation

How Does Arya College Help its Students in Preparing for Campus Recruitment?

  • Arya College is one of the top private engineering colleges with best placements in Rajasthan. Every year 95+ companies visit our campus to participate in campus recruitment.
  • We organise regular workshops, seminars, and industrial visits for our students to keep them updated with the latest changes and technological advancements in the engineering domain.
  • We also include internships in our undergraduate & postgraduate programs to help students get practical work-life exposure and to enhance their resume.
  • The training & placement cell of our college organise training sessions on how to draft resumes, and tips for interviews, and also conduct mock interviews and group discussion rounds for the students.
  • The highest placement package received by our student is 22 LPA.

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Summing up

We hope this blog helped you in understanding how you can prepare for college placement. Furthermore, with the right preparation and self-confidence, you can stand out in front of the recruiters. Therefore, ensure that you are well-prepared for your forthcoming campus placements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is campus placement easy? 

Yes, as compared to off-campus placement, on-campus placement is quite easy. As with campus placement, you’ll have higher chances of getting placed with limited competition.

2. How do you get a college campus placement?

By drafting a well-curated resume, working on your aptitude skill & technical skill with good academic grades, and good performance on group discussion and interview rounds, you can get a campus placement at college.

3. List of companies that visit Arya College for campus placement of B Tech graduates?

  • TCS
  • Google India
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Amazon
  • Capgemini India
  • WM Global Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Infosys Ltd.
  • Cisco Systems and others

4. Do class 12th marks matter in college placement?

Yes, top companies set academic grades of 10th, 12th, and undergraduate marks as eligibility criteria to apply to their companies through college placement.

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