How many Placement Companies come at Arya College

How many Placement Companies come at Arya College
 Arya College

Arya College main campus is situated in Jaipur, and it was established in the Year 2000. It is among the finest institutes of national importance in higher technical education, and it is affiliated and approved with Rajasthan Technical University. The Institute ranks among the best technical institutions in Rajasthan and has bestowed all areas of technical & professional development. It has also been considered a leading light in education and research. 

Campus placement, also comprehended as campus recruitment, is a procedure administered within the Universities and other educational institutions to procure jobs for the students who are close to the culmination of their studies. It is a program in which educational institutions collaborate with the alliance that wishes to recruit from the student population available.

This is a competitive period, and equipping ourselves for campus placements is one of the most key parts of education. But unfortunately, most of the students dismissed the importance of the campus placements and flapped goodbye to the opportunity of getting chosen by different corporations.

But in this modern world, we can identify hundreds of students energetically taking part in the campus placement method. Considering the benefits of campus recruitment, one can be contemplated as the Assurance of stable job profiles in reputed companies. It is administered in numerous institutions to furnish job opportunities to the students and enable them to earn a safe and steady future. Therefore, while considering the placement's significance, students need to prepare sufficiently for these placement programs and guarantee that they put their best forward. 

Arya college Jaipur placement programs are organized, and it persuades all the best possible corporations to enlist the students. Therefore, these placements are useful for the student and boost the companies and the colleges.

There are two types of Campus placements

  • On-campus placement

This type of placement occurs on the campus itself. So the students won't have to look for jobs outside.

  • Off-campus placement

In this type of placement, the individual has to seek a job independently. 

Main motives of campus interviews

  • The main motives behind the campus placement program are to get students jobs right after attaining their education. The campus placements are performed just before the final exams. Students thus get an additional reason to do well in the last exams.
  • The goals also include identifying talented and skilled students in the college. They aim to choose candidates who are accepted for the current job roles without unfair behavior.
  • To guarantee your final satisfaction to the students by giving them companies of their preferences according to their eligibility is also one of their motives.
  • To give them career advice through counselling and interactions with industry experts.
  • To evaluate and select the right candidate to meet the organization's requirements and identify the students' professional traits and real-time skills and values. Provide roles and duties as per students' knowledge, interest, expertise, and skills.

Campus interview at Arya College main campus

Campus placements at Arya College Jaipur play a crucial role in the spirit of the students. Campus placement has ultimately become a vital part of an institution's contributions. It also helps the students and the recruitment companies and is one of the most acceptable procedures for selecting the best-qualified candidates for the association. It also acts as a solid platform that helps candidates achieve their competent career goals. 

The main recruiters of Arya college's main campus are-

Infosys, IBM, HCL, TCS, Maruti Suzuki, Daffodil, Polycab India Ltd, Amazon, Cisco Systems Pvt. Ltd, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Emicon, Cyntexa, Collabera service Pvt Ltd, etc., are some of the placement companies at Arya College main campus.

Process of Campus interview at Arya College main campus -

  • Pre-placement discussion

It includes a presentation briefing on its profile, selection method, vision and goal, major achievements, etc. 

  • Written test

Written tests are conducted by some corporations that may vary based on the role the students are applying for, their academic achievements, and their academic streams.

  • Group discussion

 It is practically included in the interview to assess the communication and demonstration skills of the candidate. 

  • Technical Interview

The students withstand a technical session in which their technical skills are assessed.

  • HR Interview

It is the last stage of the campus recruitment procedure, and it can be either an individual HR session or an integrated one with experts.

  • Post–Placement Discussion

After appointing a candidate, they will obtain an offer letter that includes significant information on the company's protocols relating to the joining process.

In conclusion, we can say that the placement drive on Arya college's main campus is the best in the entire Rajasthan. It helps the students find the most appropriate job for their engineering careers. Moreover, more than half of the students are getting placed in the top companies every year, thus awarded the Best Placement award in Rajasthan.