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Digital Transformation of Libraries at Arya College

Digital Transformation of Libraries at Arya College
 Arya College

The digital transformation of libraries at Arya College has been a continuous process of development. The library started with a single computer and now it is one of the best digital libraries in Jaipur. The college provides access to a wide range of textbooks, journals, reference materials, e-books, and videos through various online databases like Blackwell Synergy, Elsevier Science Direct, etc. There are approximately 20 computers available for students and professors with Wi-Fi and other facilities available throughout the library premises.

Digital Library and Digitization of Resources

A digital library is a collection of digital resources, such as books, journals, articles, and other information related to academic disciplines. It can also be defined as any library that stores its holdings in electronic form rather than on paper.

Online Catalog and Search at Arya College Jaipur

Arya College has implemented an online catalog and search system that allows students to search for books, journals, and other resources. The system is integrated with the library management software ILS (Integrated Library System). This means that you can use a single login to access the library catalog at any time of day or night. The library currently has over 2 lakh titles in its collection which includes books, journals, e-books, etc., which are all accessible through this system.

E-Resources and E-Learning

The Arya College Library provides a variety of electronic resources and learning opportunities. These include e-books, online tutorials, and webinars.

The library has partnered with various vendors to provide access to their collections in a convenient manner for users.

Data Analytics and Metrics

Data analytics and metrics are two key tools that can be used to measure the impact of library services on student learning. Data analytics is the process of examining data to identify patterns, trends, and other useful information. Metrics are measurements that indicate the status or performance of a process, system, or organization. They can be used to measure progress toward achieving a goal.

Metrics are an essential part of any business strategy because they allow you to understand how well your business is doing against its objectives--and if there's anything you need to change in order for it to thrive!

At Arya College Jaipur libraries we have started using data analytics and metrics to measure our service quality as well as improve decision-making processes within our department.

Collaboration and Community Engagement

Community engagement is a key part of digital transformation. Libraries are not just repositories of information but also places for collaboration. Through social media and other means, libraries can connect with their communities to share resources and ideas, as well as provide access to the library itself.

Some examples of community engagement activities include:

  • Interlibrary loan (ILL) services
  • Consortium memberships allow you access to more than one library's collection in your area
  • Outreach events such as book clubs or workshops


Arya College has nurtured a culture of collaboration and community engagement, which has enabled the institution to successfully implement digital transformation. The library has been at the forefront of this endeavor by adopting new technologies and services that have transformed its operations and user experience. As a result, Arya College is now able to deliver services more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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