Department of EE

Department of Electrical Engineering

1. About the Department:

Electricity is the basic form of energy that runs our world, It is also a decisive prerequisite for rapid development of industry and agriculture. Electrical Engineering is a fascinating and rewarding field of study with many opportunities to solve key engineering problems.

The Electrical Engineering Department at Arya Group inculcates in the students skills to understand, apply and analyze the underlying electrical principles through comprehensive curriculum of Electrical Machines, Electrical and Electronic Network Theories, Control and Power Systems etc.

The department has well qualified & experienced faculty. It nurtures the students so as to perform at high academic level.. State of the art laboratories provide hands-on training to the students of Electrical Engineering. Special classes are also arranged for good understanding of the complex subjects. Classroom teaching is supported by video lectures and PPTs. The Department of Electrical Engineering has an advisory council from amongst the teaching members, which meets at least once in a semester to review and evaluate performance of the department and offer advice in needed areas. Arya is one of the top Electrical Engineering colleges in Jaipur.

2. Vision And Mission:

Vision: To promote specialized knowledge in the field of electrical engineering along with interdisciplinary awareness and to develop a framework to support the communicative and ethical needs of industry and society at global level.

Mission: To impart quality education in the field of electrical engineering and to facilitate and develop students for their superior employability, to pursue research and higher studies.

3. State of the Art Labs:

The department has following well equipped laboratories which not only fulfill requirement of RTU curriculum but also provide ample opportunities to the students to carry out their project and seminar assignments as well as to undertake any research work:

  • 1. Basic Electrical Lab
  • 2. Power Electronics Lab
  • 3. Advance Power Electronics lab
  • 4. High Voltage Lab
  • 5. Electrical Machine Lab
  • 6. Electrical Drives and their Control Lab.
  • 7. Electrical Measurement Lab
  • 8. Power System Lab
  • 9. Smart Grid Lab
  • 10. Digital Electronics Lab
  • 11. Microprocessor Lab
  • 12. Electronics devices and Circuit Lab
  • 13. MAT Lab for Control Systems and PLC Circuits

5. Department Specializations:

a) Focus Area:

  • Generation, Transmission & Distribution
  • Electrical Machine Design
  • Power System Engineering
  • Power Electronics
  • Switch Gear & Protection
  • Control System Engineering
  • Circuit Theory & Analysis

b) Digital Notes:

The Department has digital notes with videos as well as hard copy Notes on all the subjects relevant to RTU syllabus. These notes have been prepared by highly experienced faculty. The Digital notes can be found on ""

c) Student Development (SDC) and Campus Recruitment Training (CRT)s:

SDC is a group of professionals that provides regular inputs for complete development of students and making them prepare to face competitions and future challenges.

7. No. of Seats:

60(Electrical Engg.)

6. Message By HOD:

Electrical Power There is growing demand of Electrical Engineers in the Government and private sectors., The Department is making best efforts to produce highly trained and capable engineers who can take up the challenges of the real world. Today the technology is changing at much faster pace as ever before. Department of electrical engineering has well equipped laboratories to provide good knowledge of the subject by performing practical experiments. The department comprises of best of faculty from industries and academia to help bridge the gap and groom the best talent for the industries. ACERC is Ragging Free Campus. Number of Anti ragging measures are in place to ensure strict compliance.


Department of Electrical Engineering

Arya Group

7. Industrial Collaboration:

  • 7.1 Sunwaves Infrapower
  • 7.2 IBM
  • 7.3 HCL
  • 7.5 INFOSYS
  • 7.6 FOSS
  • 7.7 L&T INFOTECH
  • 7.8 UNISYS
  • 7.9 WAE

8. RTU Syllabus:

As per the Rajasthan Technical University norms we offer a Four Year (Eight Semesters) B.Tech Course.

9. Projects:

The department has successfully completed projects on:

  • 9.1 Solar Street Light.
  • 9.2 Solar Power Plant (1.5 kW)
  • 9.3 Wind Power Plant (1 kW)
  • 9.4 Solar Hybrid Car
  • 9.5 Prepaid energy Meter
  • 9.6 Solar Grass Cutter

10. Placements:

Students of this department have been able to secure campus placements in many reputed companies at lucrative packages. A few are following:

  • 10.1 TCS
  • 10.2 INFOSYS
  • 10.3 IBM
  • 10.4 COGNIZANT
  • 10.6 ZYCUS
  • 10.7 ACCENTURE
  • 10.8 HCL
  • 10.9 AMAZON

12. Industrial Tours & Trainings:

  • 12.1 Internships and trainings in VI semesters are mandatory of 60 days.
  • 12.2 Solar Roof top plant
  • 12.3 Heerapura Substation.
  • 12.4 "Rajasthan Electrical and Electronics Ltd."

14. Impressive Results:

Faculties take extra care of the students in the knowledge delivery process throughout the course period. These dedicated and concentrated efforts have culminated in obtaining 100 % results in the final year. During the last three years, this department of has successfully achieved 100% results.

15. Conference/seminar and workshops:

Arya Group has been a host and venue for various national and international conferences/ seminars and workshops including the following

  • 1. International conference (ARIET-14)
  • 4. WORKSHOP (AWARD -2016)