Department of CS

Department of Computer Science Engineering

1. About the Department:

Computer engineering is a branch that combines the science and technology of design, development, implementation, and maintenance of software and hardware components of modern computing systems. Currently, we have well experienced and qualified faculty and over 400 students are pursuing their Bachelor's degree course at various levels .

The Department of Computer Science attracts high quality students from all over India and has an impressive placement record. CSE department is committed to prepare Engineers who are highly sought after, productive, and well-respected for their work, and who contribute to new developments in computing. Arya is one of the top Computer Science Engineering colleges in Jaipur.

2. Vision And Mission:

Vision: To become the centre of Excellence in the area of Computer Science and Engineering and to meet the needs of the society and industry in self-sustainable manner.

Mission: To impart quality education and build a robust foundation of Computer Science and Engineering subjects among students so that they become capable to solve real-world problems.

3. Departmental Goals

  • To establish centers of excellence in various fields of Computer Science.
  • To encourage faculty members to take-up R&D and consultancy projects in the area of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • To train faculty members in the advanced domains of Computer Science.
  • To prepare students for successful careers and lifelong learning in computer science and engineering with strong professional ethics and behaviour.
  • To ensure effective teaching and learning process and quality research.
  • To encourage innovations, product design and new technologies.

4. Departmental Lab's:

The department has following well- equipped laboratories that offer more that the prescribed practical needs as per RTU Curricilum :

  • 1. Operating System Simulation Lab
  • 2. Linux And Network Programming Lab
  • 3. Compiler Design Lab
  • 4. Project Lab /R&D Lab
  • 5. Digital Hardware Design Lab
  • 6. FPGA Lab
  • 7. Data Structure Lab
  • 8. Design And Analysis Of Algorithm Lab
  • 9. Programming In C++ Lab
  • 10. Advance Object Oriented Programming Lab
  • 11. Database Lab
  • 12. Embedded System Lab
  • 13. System Design In Uml Lab
  • 14. Computer Aided Software Engineering Lab
  • 15. C Programming Lab
  • 16. Shell Programming Lab
  • 17. Advance Computer Network Lab
  • 18. Digital Electronics Lab
  • 19. Microprocessor Lab
  • 20. Electronics devices and Circuit Lab

5. Department Specializations:

a) Focus Area:

  • i. Advance Data Structure and Algorithm
  • ii. Advance Operating System
  • iii. Python and java language
  • iv. Linux and shell programming
  • v. Software engineering
  • vi. Computer architecture
  • vii. Data base management system
  • viii. Computer networking
  • ix. Theory of computation
  • x. Compiler and real time system

6. Efforts by our faculties

Faculties take extra care of the students the knowledge delivery process throughout the course period. These dedicated and concentrated efforts have culminated in obtaining 100 % results. For these best results our faculty ensure complete learning of the student by providing :

  • Digital Notes as well as hard copy notes: (digital notes are available at
  • Guess papers
  • By taking regular test and assignments

7. Student Development (SDC) and Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) Cells :

SDC & CRT cells are a group of professionals who ensure all round development of the students. These cells not only focus on students' technical skills but also on personality, communication skills and other skills, culminating in a fully groomed unit who is ready to face every aspect of life .

8. No. of Seats:

120 (Computer Science and Engineering .)

9. Message By HOD:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering always strives to provide necessary support system to enable its students to become great scholars, scientists, engineers, leaders, and, above all, complete persons. We would like our teachers to be role models as truth-seekers and torchbearers leading our students to learn not only what is known but also explore the hidden treasures and discover and disseminate knowledge that would enrich the humankind.


Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Arya Group

10. Education training partner :

  • Bosch
  • Google

11. Projects:

The students of Computer Science and Engineering Department have been excellent work in successfully building projects ; a few are as follow :

Android application :

  • i. Place directory
  • ii. Kid mania
  • iii. Save me here
  • iv. Health care
  • v. Online book finder

12. Top recruiters :

  • ii. TCS
  • iii.INFOSYS
  • iv. IBM
  • vi. ZYCUS
  • vii. ACCENTURE
  • viii. HCL
  • ix. AMAZON
  • xi. Wipro

13. Industrial Tours & Trainings:

  • 1. Internships and trainings are mandatory in VI semesters of 60 days.
  • 2. TCS
  • 3. INFOSYS

14. Alumni

Our alumni are spread all around the world and are serving in reputed companies making our computer science department extremely proud.