What is Engineering Drawing or Engineering Graphics

What is Engineering Drawing or Engineering Graphics
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Engineering drawing, often known as engineering graphics, is the skill of manipulating drawings for a wide range of components, particularly those linked to engineering. It generally entails drawing the real component, such as a machine, with its specific dimensions and the use of elements like points, lines, arcs, and so on. The dimension scale is appropriately modified to fit inside the contours of the design page.

In other situations, such as Structural Engineering, specific attention regions depend on the subject.

Another factor to examine is the units of measurement used; these might be Metric or Imperial. Again, the manner they are stated is important since it reflects the precision of the dimension.

What is Engineering Drawing? 

What is Engineering graphics? And what is Engineering drawing? Let us understand

Engineering drawing is an important part of mechanical engineering since it is required to develop a machine's design and assembly. Let us understand. While other approaches connected to Descriptive Geometry may be used to understand a component in terms of sketching, the three most important drawing/projection techniques are:

Perspective Projection

It is a basic technique for sketching an item from a different perspective. The drawing's conclusion is influenced by the observer's eye location, height, and distance from the item. This projection technique uses the Visual Ray Method and the Vanishing Point Method.

Orthographic Projection

This approach involves placing an item in space so that the front view is caught in the vertical plane and the top view is captured in the horizontal plane. The object's projections are perpendicular to the flat screen, thus the term "orthographic."

Isometric Projection

This type of projection shows all of the details of the component in question. Isometric projection's main idea entails considering three axes that are inclined to one another and make equal angles (thus the name, because iso- means equal) with each other (120 deg). The real dimensions are then transferred to the isometric scale using simple trigonometric calculations.

Importance of Engineering Drawing:

Engineering drawings are used to completely and clearly explain an engineering item's specifications. An engineering sketch expresses what is expected, desired, and demanded to devote money to bringing a concept to life. Suppose the worker/manufacturer has transmitted the requirements of the design/drawings accurately. 

The drawing and any auxiliary documentation (ECOs) also insulate the worker/manufacturer from liability if the end product is incorrect. If the information is incorrect, the engineer will be held liable. Manufacturing may be quite expensive, and most individuals are hesitant to take responsibility for costly mistakes. It is significant to the engineering society and community because its clear and explicit regulations can eliminate liability mistakes.

Seeing and identifying that engineering drawing plays a crucial role in an engineering student's life, all good universities have an excellent engineering drawing/ engineering graphics faculty.

Some of these colleges are:

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • RV College of Engineering, Bangalore
  • Arya College, Jaipur
  • BHU, Varanasi
  • Pune College of Engineering

An engineering drawing follows guidelines and conventions to eliminate confusion by standardising terminology and practices to relay information to the individual who understands it when it is read. Most importantly, it indicates or hints at how something gets manufactured.