Top Mtech Colleges available in Jaipur

Top Mtech Colleges available in Jaipur
 Arya College

MTech stands for Master of Technology, while ME stands for Master of Engineering. MTech is a professional postgraduate engineering master's degree program awarded to candidates after completing two years of engineering study. This degree is specific to the engineering field.

The ME/MTech degree is available in India in various specialisations. For example, specialisations are Computer Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, VLSI, Chemical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

This degree program is available in the below-mentioned areas:

  • Typical (Full-Time)
  • Mtech Project Managers (For those who are presently working on sponsored projects)
  • Sponsorship (Full-Time)
  • Part-Time 

Working diploma holders or diploma holders with a specified period of work experience are also welcome to apply for this master's degree program.

The University Grants Commission of India (UGC), the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), and the National Board of Accreditation regulate this master's degree in India (NBA). Engineering entrance examinations at the national, state, and institute levels admit students to ME/MTech programs offered by technical universities and colleges in India.

Top Mtech College in Jaipur

1. Manipal University, Jaipur

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) is a residential, co-educational, private research university located in Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. It is the fifth University established by Manipal Global Education Services.

2. The LNM Institute of Information Technology

The LNM Institute of Information Technology (LNMIIT) is a Deemed to be University located on a 100-acre (40 ha) campus in Jaipur, India. The Institute is a public-private partnership between the LNM foundation and the Rajasthan government that operates as a self-contained non-profit.

Currently, is offered in Computer Science and Engineering, Communication and Computer Engineering, and Electronics and Communication Engineering as Tech and MS programs. In addition, ph. D. programs are available in various fields of interest to the faculty.

3. Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur

The Government of India and the Government of Rajasthan collaborated to establish Malaviya Regional Engineering College Jaipur in 1963. The college was given the National Institute of Technology status on June 26, 2002. An Act of Parliament designated it as the Institute of National Importance on August 15, 2007. The Government of India's Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya) fully funds the Institute.

4. NIMS University

Nims University Rajasthan, Jaipur, is a composite model university that is one of India's leading universities and Rajasthan's largest self-financed University. The Nims University stands tall in the Aravali hills along the Jaipur-Delhi Highway, boasting its State-of-the-Art infrastructure. The University is located on a huge campus, surrounded by the Aravali hills and in one of the country's most picturesque cities, Jaipur.

5. Arya College | Arya Group of Colleges

A master's degree in technology, or MTech, is a postgraduate program. This is an engineering course that offers a variety of options. Because this course can last up to two years, choosing the best Mtech college in Rajasthan for students.

Arya College Main Campus is one of India's best Mtech colleges. We were established and have been educating and still are the best mtech college in Jaipur for the past 21 years. Arya College produces the best results in students dedicated to achieving their goals.

  • (Digital Communication) E & C Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, and Electrical Engineering are the three best M Tech courses in Jaipur at Arya College (Power System).
  • Computer Science Engineering studies computation and its application from a scientific and practical standpoint. Students can learn about both software and hardware processes in this course.
  • Electrical Engineering (Power System) studies electric power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization. This course contains the most up-to-date research in the field of power systems.

6. Vivekananda Institute of Technology

"Education is not the amount of information put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, for the rest of your life," Swami Vivekananda said. Instead, we need to assimilate ideas that will help us build a better life, a better man, and a better character. You have more education than any man who has memorised a whole library if you have assimilated five ideas and made them your life and character." 

Swami Ji advocated for man's "total development," which includes his physical and mental-spiritual aspects. He also pushed for the inclusion of science and technology in school curricula and a focus on technical education to help develop industries.

7. Jaipur National University

The University has established much higher education, technical education, and medical education standards. It is one of the finest universities in Jaipur, Rajasthan, with a diverse range of courses that provide exceptional academic excellence.

The Government of Rajasthan passed an ordinance on October 22, 2007, establishing Jaipur National University. It provides an academically free environment and a creative platform for bright minds to meet and learn.

8. Amity University

Amity incorporates the best practices, theories, resources, and standards from around the world into its educational system. This includes the following:

Curriculum - A dynamic and semester-based program structure that is always up to date to meet current industry requirements integrates traditional curriculum with global trends across disciplines.

A bi-annual review by the domain-specific Expert Committee, the Board of Studies, and the Academic Council is part of a multi-stage evaluation and appraisal process.

Evaluation and achievement of course objectives based on feedback reports on placements, student employability, technological advancements, and statutory compliance of various government / standard-setting agencies.

Of all the above mentioned, it is without a doubt that we can conclude that Arya College Main Campus stands out. 

Here's why:


It is to provide students with a progressive academic environment.

Assist students in developing qualities such as technological-managerial skills and becoming innovative and creative professionals.

Individuals who can contribute to the development and progress of society, nation, and the world are being developed.


To become the best educational institution globally, strive for excellence in providing quality education to students, nurture various talents as innovative professionals in technical and managerial fields, and prepare them to meet all of the global economy's future challenges.