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More Successful Women Engineers in Today’s World

More Successful Women Engineers in Today’s World
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More Successful Women Engineers in Today’s World

In today’s literate progressive world, women are stepping into a wide range of industries and rocking loud with their success. One of the major industries that was once male loaded is Engineering, but today it has a space for women. Many Women are exploring their careers in various disciplines of engineering. As per statistics, India tops with 40% women in engineering programs in the year 2022. On the other hand, the global contribution of women engineers is significantly larger in many countries such as Georgia, Mongolia, etc. 

This article will explore the most successful women engineers who have established themselves being women in engineering programs.

Role of Women in the Engineering Industry:

Women in today’s world have created a major space for themselves in the engineering industry. Women are finding their way in all fields of engineering.

Different countries hold a different range of female engineers and India has 29.2% of females enrolled for engineering courses in 2022 and here is the graph:

Globally, different countries show different statistical data on women in the Engineering sector and here is an insight:

The world today holds many famous women engineers in various fields and now let us know more about them.

Today’s Successful Women Engineers of the World:

Engineering careers for females have been made possible in recent years and as a result, many top women engineers have emerged at the global level. Here are the top 3 most influential women engineers:

Adah Almutairi:

Adah Almutairi is a Saudi American scientist and professor at University of California, San Diego. Forbes has declared Adah Almutairi as one of the top influential female engineers in the world.

Born in the year 1976, this 47 years old woman engineer has made major contributions to nanomedicine, nanotechnology, chemistry and polymer science.

Focussing her primary interest in nanoengineering, Adah has developed many nano carriers that can make revolutions in the drug delivery system. 

Rose Amal:

An Australian Chemical Engineer who has made a major breakthrough in the energy industry is Rose Amal. Currently serving as Scientia professor and ARC Laureate Fellow in the School of Chemical Engineering at University of New South Wales, Rose has provided an ultimately clean solution by efficiently harnessing solar energy to purify water and/or generate O2. 

Her other works focus on fine particle aggregation, photocatalysis and nanoparticle synthesis for energy conversion and conservation engineering facets.

Anousheh Ansari:

Anousheh Ansari is an Iranian-American Scientist and Entrepreneur who has made a great contribution to the world by developing top establishments such as Prodeo Systems, XPrize, etc.

Being one of the famous female engineers, she is the first Iranian woman to enter space and reside for 10 days in the space station.

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Prominent Women Engineers in India:

India has got many famous women in engineering programs who have reached great heights at the global level and here are some of them:

Priya Balasubramaniam:

Priya Balasubramaniam joins the list of famous Vice President of operations for Apple iPhones. Starting her career as an engineer in AAB, today she represents India on a global level in a highly competitive manufacturing engineering industry.

Ruchi Sanghvi:

Ruchi Sanghvi, the founder of South Park Commons is a remarkable women electrical engineer of India who was the first one to get hired by Facebook. She has also made her contribution to Dropbox with major walkthroughs.

Sudha Murthy:

Sudha Murthy, one of the chairpersons of Infosys Foundation is one of the prominent engineers of India with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. She is also a famous Indian educator and philanthropist.

Aanchal Gupta:

Aanchal Gupta, Director of Security at Facebook is a computer science engineer with more than two decades of experience in the information security facet of the computer engineering industry.

She has also had a promising career as Chief Information Security Officer at Microsoft at Skype. She has expertise in protecting the company's IT infrastructure from unethical hackers and other attacks.

As we see, female engineers have made a long progress and the list goes on for famous female engineers. These successful female engineers are created by top colleges like ours, Arya Colleges and we succeed in getting the best engineering jobs for females.

It is time for you to know the engineering courses we offer at Arya College Jaipur that can shape a bright future.

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Engineering Courses at Arya College Jaipur:

Arya College Jaipur offers both undergraduate and postgraduate engineering courses and here are the complete details:

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Women in engineering programs are today more prominent and will lead to female dominance in the engineering industry in the near future. Let more and more successful female engineers emerge and conquer the global technological establishments with pride.


1. What is the best engineering field for females in future?

Computer science engineering is considered the best engineering field for females in future as it offers a wide range of jobs with better pay scales and job security.

2. Name some of the inspirational female engineers.

  • Priya Balasubramanian
  • Ruchi Sanghvi
  • Sudha Murthy
  • Aanchal Gupta

3. Who are the important women in engineering field?

Some of the important women in the engineering field include Adah Almitairi, Rose Amal, Anousheh Ansari, Kristi Anseth and Frances Arnold.

4. What are some of the best engineering degrees for women?

Some of the best engineering degrees for women are as follows:

  • BTech Information Technology
  • BTech Computer Science Engineering
  • BTech Electrical Engineering
  • BTech Electronics and Communications Engineering
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