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First Engineering Colleges in India and the Best on the List

First Engineering Colleges in India and the Best on the List
 Arya College

First Engineering Colleges in India and the Best on the List

Engineering sector is one of the ever-expanding sectors that dominate the working circle of the global population. Engineering colleges have taken up positions and have been established significantly all around the world including India. 

But, have you wondered which were the first established engineering colleges in India? 

The first engineering college that was established in India was Thomas College of Civil Engineering in 1847 which is today’s IIT Roorkee. Read this article to know more about the first engineering colleges in India.

List of First Engineering Colleges in India:

India today is the best-supporting country for engineering education. Even, in the earlier decades Engineering has gained popularity among people and following engineering colleges were established for its development in India:

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Best among the First Engineering Colleges in India:

In the list of above mentioned first engineering colleges in India, even today many engineering colleges stand as the best. 

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee still holds the best engineering college position by providing world-class engineering education, career guidance and placement support.

Now it is time to explore our college, Arya College in Jaipur.

Arya College, Jaipur:

Arya College, Jaipur was established by the founder Chairman Er.Shri.E.K.Agarwal in the year 1999 under the aegis of “All India Arya Samajis Society”.

Our college provides a wide range of engineering courses like course and Mtech course as well as other courses to develop the best engineering professionals for the world.

Our Mission:

Arya College being one of the best engineering colleges in India has a mission of great value which has been described below:

  • To create a progressive academic environment for the students.
  • Help students achieve qualities like techno-managerial skills and become innovative and creative professionals.
  • Develop individuals who can contribute to the development and progress of the society, nation and the world as a whole.

Our Vision:

Standing tall as one of the prominent engineering colleges, we have the following visions at Arya College:

  • To emerge as the best educational institute.
  • Work for excellence in imparting quality education for the students.
  • Nurture various talents as innovative professionals in technical & managerial fields thereby making them competitive to meet all the future challenges of the global economy.

Engineering Courses at Arya College:

At Arya College, we provide impeccable engineering education and here are the engineering course details at Arya:

Bachelor of Technology (BTech):

Master of Technology (MTech):

We Arya College is one of the best placement engineering colleges in Rajasthan providing extraordinary placement support for students.

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Career Scope for Engineering:

A career in Engineering has expanded widely in recent years with a pool of opportunities for various engineering specialisations. Here is an insight into a few career options for various engineering fields and you can find which engineering has highest salary as well.


In today’s world, India stands as the second highest producer of engineers in the world. In our countries, we have top engineering colleges that offer remarkable engineering education and thus prepare the best-skilled engineers for the future.


1. Which Engineering college has best placement in India?

Arya College has the best engineering placement in India with top recruiters such as Morgan Stanley, Amazon, Google India, Capgemini, etc.

2. Which engineering course is best for future? 

According to a survey, computer engineering courses and artificial intelligence are considered the best engineering courses for the future as they both have ever-ending scope in this developing world.

3. Which engineering is highly demanded?

The highly demanded engineering is computer engineering followed by mechanical engineering among the students' community.

4. Can B.Tech graduates pursue MBA?

Yes, a B.Tech  graduate can pursue MBA by appearing for entrance exams such as SAT, GMAT, CAT, etc.

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