Facilities and opportunities at Arya college

Facilities and opportunities at Arya college
 Arya College

The Importance of Educational Facilities

Parents should evaluate the amenities supplied by each school when picking a school for their children to select the ideal school for their children's growth. A school's facilities influence the whole learning process as well as the kids' mental and physical development. These factors have an impact on the student's academic achievement. As a result, parents must assess the school's resources.

In general, the facilities provided by a school impact students' health, conduct, engagement, learning, and growth. In addition, the physical and mental health of children and instructors is also influenced by the resources available at school. As a result, every school should be supplied with appropriate facilities for students and instructors to establish a learning atmosphere.

Five basic facilities that any school should give to its students:

Air Quality And Ventilation

Maintaining optimum ventilation in each classroom is critical in schools. Students with respiratory problems find it difficult to stay in class for lengthy periods. Furthermore, insufficient ventilation might create pain in the pupil, obstructing the learning process. In such a classroom, students are unable to concentrate. In addition, bacteria, viruses, and various other diseases thrive in regions where airflow is restricted. As a result, it affects the pupils' health. As a result, it is equally necessary to offer a healthy environment with enough ventilation to deliver top-notch educational quality to children.

Noise And Acoustics

A classroom should be a peaceful and calm environment where students may focus without being distracted by outside factors. Students' learning is negatively affected by noisy classrooms. In a loud atmosphere, students become distracted and can never work effectively.

Temperature Regulation

The temperature in which pupils learn impacts their levels of involvement and the result. Low focus occurs when students are overly hot or chilly in the classroom. Temperature control is critical so that students may concentrate on classroom instruction without being distracted by the weather.


According to research, pupils exposed to the most natural lighting in the classroom do much better in class. In addition, natural light improves the morale of pupils and teachers, resulting in higher educational quality. As a result, colleges should have more natural light and use less artificial light.

Classroom Size and Space

Overcrowding in the classroom results in low student engagement and poor learning. Teachers also find it difficult to manage an overcrowded classroom. When classes are overloaded, they frequently fail to focus on each student. As a result, the number of pupils in the classroom should be kept minimum. Classrooms should be large enough to allow pupils to study and professors to demonstrate their skills.

Seeing and keeping all these things in mind, Jaipur's finest and most reputable Institute- Arya College, really has it all! 

The Institute provides excellent residential facilities with a diverse range of amenities for boys and girls. We recognize that most of our students are making their first move away from home, so we attempt to make the adjustment as easy as possible by offering a pleasant, safe, and homey environment on campus. All of the rooms have been created to allow for plenty of movement and plenty of air and light.

Here are the facilities at Arya College:


The College operates its fleet of buses and taxis for the convenience of students and staff members commuting from Jaipur and the nearby districts. Students who wish to use the transportation service must notify the transport officer at admission.


The College has its canteen, which provides subsidised healthy and nutritious meals to its students. The menu includes hot samosas, wafers, and full-course dinners. Students can also select from a broad variety of chocolates and soft beverages.


The College has a large mess that delivers healthful and well-balanced meals to its students.

Green University

The College boasts the most spectacular and pollution-free campus with vast green surroundings, sophisticated landscaping, and gorgeous flowerbeds.

Electricity and water

The College has made all necessary steps to ensure that students have constant access to water and power. Water coolers with filtered water are located across the campus to offer students with safe drinking water. High-power generators are also available in the event of a power outage. Cleaning is constantly monitored to ensure that the highest level of hygiene is maintained.


Each hostel is equipped with the appropriate first-aid equipment. The institution provides free first assistance to students on campus during working hours. Qualified physicians are accessible for consultation in the vicinity of the College and hostels.


Health is wealth. Regular health checkups should be done with this in mind. On-campus, camps are held to assess the health of students and employees. Students are empowered to pursue a healthy lifestyle by acquiring health-related information, attitudes, skills, and behaviours. The enthusiastic students take full advantage of every learning opportunity and so achieve greater - academic brilliance and optimise social ties and exchanges, boosting their prospects of balanced advancement.

These are the excellent facilities at Arya College.

Opportunities at Arya College:

To make the students' stay more enjoyable, they organise a variety of festivities, events, and activities such as cultural activities, sports, debates, and declamations.

Various events are held in which students from various residential inns compete against one another. Apart from that, many groups and forums operate inside the residential facilities, allowing students to develop specific talents in their subjects of interest while also instilling daily practice and discipline.

Sporting Events

In the Institute, spending quality time is never an issue. Lawn tennis, badminton, table tennis, cricket, carom, billiards table, football, basketball, and volleyball are excellent facilities. Students spend their evenings participating in and watching these sports.


In addition, counsellors are available in the residential facilities to help students with family troubles, schoolwork, homesickness, and other challenges. Students see these counsellors as closest friends who give immediate advice on dealing with these common stressful circumstances. The Institute also provides on-campus Counselling and Psychological Assistance Services for counselling and psychological support.


There are several committees at work at the Residential facilities, each focusing on a different subject. The committees facilitate the school's operation and ensure the active involvement of the students by delegating authority to them.

The Institute has a dedicated team of security officials and professionals who endeavor to maintain the safety and security of the students in the dorms. In addition, there are security guards who ensure that appropriate decorum is maintained on campus and who are available to help students in an emergency.

Now, these are all the opportunities at Arya College.

We may be living in one of the most fascinating periods in human history. Scientific advancements are occurring at a breakneck speed, forever altering how we thrive and communicate. Even as the planet shrinks, horizons are increasing. What occurs thousands of kilometres away in today's borderless globe is intrinsically tied to you.

Yes, these are very wonderful times to be alive. But unfortunately, these are also the most difficult periods. New information, training, and abilities are required to succeed in these rapidly changing times. The Arya Colleges' premier schools seek to prepare you for tomorrow's problems with relevant training, cutting-edge courses, and future-proof skills.