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List of 50+ Career Options and Courses after 12th PCM 2022-2026

List of 50+ Career Options and Courses after 12th PCM 2022-2026
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Class 12 is viewed to be a pretty vital benchmark in teachers, the place a student’s future frequently receives into shape. If you are an aspirant and have exceeded your twelfth or are preparing for your twelfth board exams, then there’s a factor of worry. Usually, humans consider that the sole profession alternatives for college students after classification twelfth PCM is engineering and medical. 

And if you are a PCM student, then it’s the vogue that engineering is a great solution. So lots of cash and stress are powered over a pupil that they absolutely go away with their ardor and dreams. Peer stress is the motive that has led to college students getting admitted to extraordinary engineering colleges. 

Class twelfth is a milestone for all faculty students. It is the closing time when you put on uniforms and get up early in the morning. It is additionally regarded as the determining element for your upcoming future. 

Most college students have a clear photograph of which direction they are going to pursue after finishing the ultimate stage of faculty life. Out of all the candidates, one’s with MPC topics are viewed to have the most variety of professional options. If you additionally belong to the identical club, study this special weblog that lists famous publications after the twelfth PCM.

Here are the Courses after 12th PCM:

  1. Btech Food Technology
  2. Btech Biotechnology
  3. Btech Civil Engineering
  4. Btech Mechanical Engineering
  5. BTech Genetic Engineering
  6. Btech Chemical Engineering
  7. BTech Automobile Engineering
  8. BTech Aeronautical Engineering
  9. BTech Electronics & Communication Engineering
  10. BTech Civil and Structural Engineering
  11. BTech Information Technology
  12. BTechIndustrial Engineering
  13. BTech Chemical Engineering
  14. BTech Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  15. BTech Electronics
  16. BTech Mining Engineering
  17. BSc Chemists
  18. BSc Physics
  19. BSc Aviation
  20. BSc Maths
  21. BSc in Robotics
  22. BSc Home Science
  23. BSC in Applied Mathematics
  24. BSc in Mathematics
  25. BSc In Nautical Sciences
  26. BSc in Statistics
  27. BSc in Actuarial Sciences
  28. BSc in Data Science/ Data Analytics
  29. BSc in Finance
  30. BSc in Economics
  31. BBA
  32. Bachelor of Computer Application and Computer Science
  33. BBA Marketing
  34. BBA Entrepreneurship
  35. BMS BBA Accounting
  36. BBA Sales
  37. BA in Hotel Management
  38. B.Com
  39. B.Sc in Hotel Management
  40. BA in Retail Management
  41. BA in Travel and Tourism Management
  42. BA in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing
  43. Bachelor of International Business and Finance
  44. Bachelor of Business Economics
  45. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  46. Management Studies
  47. Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  48. Banking and Insurance
  49. BSc Environmental Studies
  50. Company Secretary (CS)

Career Options after twelfth Science PCM

Reasons would possibly be quite a few as to why college students behave in such a drifted manner. It may be due to the fact they don't like exploring different options. They have without a doubt stopped exploring. Another reason, as stated, may honestly be peer pressure. Students frequently come up with the stress and suppose that what will be the subsequent alternative is no longer engineering. It is an actual reality that if a pupil has pursued PCM, then his sole aspiration will be to get into an engineering college. 

Families have been considered to continually train their toddler to go for engineering and construct up thinking in them that there are no different picks after twelfth different than engineering. That’s why it has turned out to be a big problem, depending on the difficulty that failure in JEE or different engineering tests does now not always imply that the street closer to a shiny future is blocked. The majority of humans will truly agree with the reality that there are no choices left out if one fails in each or doesn’t get the right rank.

One of the excellent sections of selecting non-medical or scientific streams is that college students are capable of pursuing any route they want. They can pick out to find out about regulation or robotics relying on their interest. If you are anybody who wishes to construct a profession in an associated discipline as PCM, right here are some famous profession options:


Zoology is one of the broadest sciences due to the substantial range of animals and the complexity of tactics happening inside them. Typically provided as a Bachelor of Science (BSc), zoology guides will frequently begin with universal learning about the key principles of biosciences, which include critical molecules, genes, and cells. As nicely as focusing on matters such as taxonomy, ecology, primary biochemistry, biodiversity, and animal behavior, you will study how to preserve and care for animal existence. You’ll additionally appear in the zoology of invertebrates and vertebrates, primates, and marine life, with many universities additionally supplying non-obligatory modules in parasites and infectious ailment (not for the faint-hearted!).

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the specialisations of engineering which offers machines; their production, design, and operation. Mechanical Engineers play a necessary function in more than a few industries such as power conversion, biotechnology, computers, electronics, aerospace, and limitless others. A mechanical engineer’s position is to take any product thru the whole ride from the thought to the marketplace. This requires them to have a perception of the surroundings that any product or system, or its parts, will have to encounter, thereby designing them, as a result, maintaining in thought elements like durability, aesthetics, and functionality.

This self-discipline has a widespread depth and width which permits college students numerous professional options. Education in Mechanical Engineering equips college students with analytical and innovative abilities that assist them in diagraming a machine or product, analytical equipment for the fulfilment of their format goals, teamwork competencies to design, produce and market a system, and finally, the potential to overcome any constraints alongside the way.

Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy pressure is a specific enterprise that is definitely occupied with commercial enterprise workout routines along with transportation of load and travellers through ocean courses. Fittingly named “Shipper Marine”, Merchant Navy is a sizable piece of the global shipping division and is an essential phase of any country’s economy. 

It is one of the trending guides after Engineering that you should consider, owing to its good-looking pay bundle and job novelty. As most of the world’s commercial enterprise workouts are delivered out through the ocean routes, the subject of supplier naval pressure receives excessive status all over the globe. It is a global enterprise with a few countries cooperating on a variety of kinds of vessels.

The Merchant Navy pressure alludes to the enterprise division of oceanic transportation. It has no inclusion in army assistance, however alternatively the shipping of load and folks throughout ocean guides on board freight boats, large haulers, and luxurious ships. The oceanic commercial enterprise stays at the core of global associations and economies as a section of the world trade between countries. The enterprise provides job possibilities each adrift and onshore. They grant some satisfactory professional picks after finishing schooling. These guides are designed to perforate the know-how and construct the whole group of the naval force.


The career of an architect is dynamic and ever-changing. India has of late witnessed a growth in the structure industry. Students pursue high-quality Architecture Courses from the pinnacle Architecture Colleges in India. The job of an architect is no longer simply restrained to constructing the domestic and workplace buildings, however additionally taking part in a variety of fields of designing websites for exhibitions, and sports activities events, growing special lighting fixtures structures and designing effects, etc.

To learn about Architecture publications candidates have to have a minimum of 50% mixture marks in 10+2 or it's equal with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as predominant subjects. Moreover, a legitimate rating in National degree examinations like NATA, JEE, and AIEEE is additionally required to get admitted into a college.

Architecture, as the identity suggests, offers the artwork of constructing and developing new buildings, fashions, etc. The common route rate ranges from INR three - to 7 LPA. Admissions to Architecture publications are performed on the foundation of majorly entrance exams, alternatively for certificates guides admissions are accomplished on the groundwork of merit. Some of the pinnacle entrance assessments for Architecture guides are NATA, CEED, TANCET, etc. The common earnings were acquired to put up the completion of the route tiers from INR 5 - to thirteen LPA. The period of the publications relies upon the stages that are being availed, commonly a certificates or diploma direction stages from few months to 1 year, an undergraduate direction in structure degrees until about three-four years, postgraduate diploma in structure stages for about two years.


Biochemistry is a department of science that offers the study of chemical strategies in a dwelling organism. Those who learn about Biochemistry are referred to as biochemists. Different guides are accessible in Biochemistry, the place college students are taught all about mobile processes, and important points about proteins, lipids, and biomolecules which are wished for more than a few metabolic activities. Admission to schools for an undergraduate program in biochemistry is normally entrance-based, which is carried out with the aid of the college itself. 

A significant consideration is given to the 10+2 effects as well. For a master’s degree, the resolution is the entrance as properly as merit-based. Ph.D. in biochemistry yields a proper salary. However, it is viable solely if the biochemist is skilled and has an exact talent set. Selection for Ph.D. guides is thru the qualification of entrance assessments (For instance, UGC-NET, CSIR, GATE) and non-public interviews.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is a multi-disciplinary department of engineering that combines herbal and experimental sciences (such as chemistry and physics) alongside lifestyles sciences (such as biology, microbiology, and biochemistry) plus arithmetic and economics to design, develop, produce, transform, transport, function and control the industrial procedures that flip uncooked substances into precious products.

Many of the procedures inside chemical engineering contain chemical reactions, and the subject takes cues from chemists searching for new methods to create merchandise and look at the mechanisms inside chemical reactions. Chemical engineers then translate this chemical data to formulate designs.


Class 12th is a vital route that begins the experience of reaching many upcoming milestones. It's the time when college students are opened up to so many booming possibilities to do notable things ahead. Therefore, the aspirants are cautioned to look up a range of courses after the 12th PCM to get acquainted with their non-public pastimes and applicable fields.