How to get admission in Engineering College after 12th

How to get admission in Engineering College after 12th
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Do you aspire to study at one of India's top colleges? If so, you should be well-versed in the admissions procedure and the best colleges in India, engineering entrance examination, and exam dates. Admission to degrees varies by an engineering college in India.

Many engineering colleges use different criteria to choose the best candidates. Electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, mechanical engineering, and more specialties are available in programs. Every student has the option of selecting any specialization.

B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) and (Bachelor of Technology) are two terms that students frequently mix up (Bachelor of technology). Many colleges offer B.E. and B.Tech. Programs and the main differences between the two may be observed here.

The college has provided a list of top engineering colleges, entrance exams, and enrolment for U.G. engineering programs in the following segment. Hopefully, this in-depth examination will answer your queries about the admissions procedure in 2021.

Understanding Engineering

In some way, everything we see is related to engineering. There are many fields of engineering, and new ones are being introduced all the time. Engineering is a difficult field to learn, but it's also one of the most intriguing and rewarding. Humans rely heavily on engineering for their survival.

2022 B. Tech Admission Process

So, How to get admission in Engineering College after 12th? What is the admission process? 

The admission process for the academic session 2022-23 will take place from May-August. In March/April, each state begins the entrance exam procedure for U.G. engineering admission. IITs, NITs, and IIITs have a different admissions process than other U.G. engineering admissions in private colleges. Similarly, the admission process varies by state. For example, in Jaipur, Arya College Main Campus accepts JEE marks, administers its entrance exam, and grants direct admission.

Following are some key points:

  • Core acceptability and multiple engineering entrance exams

For B.Tech admissions, certain governments allow state and federal engineering entrance exams. For example, B.Tech admissions in Rajasthan are based on the JEE Main/ REAP Central Process. However, in Himachal Pradesh, 15% of the reservation of seats for students who have passed the JEE Main exam. The Himachal Pradesh administration, on the other hand, uses a state-level engineering admission exam to fill 85 percent of engineering seats under the state quota.

  • Entrance without direct admission

You can usually receive direct admission to private engineering colleges without taking an entrance exam. Those admissions will be termed management quota applications, and the B.Tech fee charged for management quota admission is usually more than the fee charged for entrance-based admissions.

Which engineering entrance exam is best for B Tech Admission

It is recommended that a student who wishes to pursue B.Tech admission inside their state take the state-level engineering entrance exam. Similarly, a Telangana student who wishes to enrol in a B.Tech program within the state can take the TS EAMCET exam. B that students in their selected states can easily obtain engineering admission. If students want to commute from college to home or home to college rather than living in a hostel or paying for accommodation, they should take state-level engineering entrance tests.

How can I get into an engineering institution without taking an entrance exam?

After 12th grade, get into an engineering college. There are several branches available for direct engineering admission based on 12th-grade grades.

  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering

Top ten private engineering colleges for admission based on 12th-year grades:

  1. Arya College Main Campus
  2. Vellore Institute of Technology
  3. SRM Institute of Science and Technology
  4. R.V. College of Engineering
  5. Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering
  6. MIT, Pune
  7. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  8. PICT Pune
  9. Manipal University, Udupi, Karnataka
  10. DY Patil college of engineering


While you will most likely have common classes in your first and second years of college, you will need to choose a specialisation after a few semesters. This is a critical phase since, in addition to gaining in-depth information in your chosen field, it may also decide your career path and the organisations that may hire you.

Aside from traditional engineering courses like mechanical, computer, chemical, and civil engineering, fresh sectors are emerging that may expand engineering options for students. Biotechnology, instrumentation, nanotechnology, maritime engineering, metallurgical engineering, and material science. 

Most courses demand a minimum GPA in grade 12, with somewhat higher test scores in two or more topics depending on the program. A course in computer engineering, for example, would almost certainly necessitate higher computer related knowledge and maths skills. Before applying, you should look up information on prospective engineering colleges' websites.

The appeal of engineering is that it can not only open doors in various fields, but it can also pay well. You can pursue a post-graduate diploma in your chosen subject, earning a Master of Technology degree (M.Tech.). Many students also decide to complete their Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) in India before continuing on to a Master of Science (M.Sc.) programme in another country. 

This could lead to increased visibility and greater chances. Students can also pursue a MBA or Master of Business Administration degree or apply for government positions after passing the required tests. As a result, engineering degrees can lead to a variety of professional prospects.

We could not determine the best admission exam for engineering courses because different engineering exams have varied needs for students and parents. However, some colleges, such as Arya College Main Campus, have remained students' first choice for years.