How to get off campus placements in engineering

How to get off campus placements in engineering
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The COVID-19 epidemic has posed obstacles that mankind hasn't ever encountered before in the twentieth century. Whereas the economy slowed and also small firms suffered significant losses, the government remained in lockdown. In 2020, campus hiring was seriously affected, with % of institutions across the country having difficulty placing their students. On the other hand, this issue has prompted students to seek employment through Off Campus Placements, where employers welcome freshmen with open arms and provide possibilities to exceptional students.

The Off Campus placement provides increased exposure, different career alternatives, as well as the opportunity to be self-sufficient, particularly for IT as well as engineering students from Tier-3 universities who are vying with students from Tier 1 colleges for a position in their ideal firm. When students don't know where and how to apply, how exactly to prepare, how to construct a perfect resume, and other key information, competing against the huge competition in Off Campus placement is not easy. So, here are our Tips for Freshers to Land Off Campus Placements.

Improve Your Aptitude Skills and English

To gain a position at a product-based company like Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. or a service-based company such as Accenture, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, etc., three rounds of the selection process are often conducted, which include aptitude and English, technical interview, and finally the HR interview. Get a firm grasp on these two concepts, then use puzzles as well as Videos online and tutorials to hone your deductive reasoning abilities. Make it a practice to answer as many questions as possible in a short amount of time.

All subjects to practice are time and work, age difficulties, percentages, mixtures and allegations, pipes and cisterns, profit and loss, permutations, and combinations. So, to improve your chances of getting an Off Campus placement, practice these topics regularly. Also, have a firm grasp of English grammar as well as answer as many grammatical problems as possible. Work on synonyms, parts of speech, error detection, and other aspects of the language. After you've passed the first round, move on to the technical and HR rounds, where the recruiter will ask you questions about what's on your résumé and some general inquiries.

Build a Strong Foundation

Gaining a thorough understanding of the basic fundamental subjects that may be questioned throughout your technical interview round is essential to landing an Off Campus placement. You must be familiar with the programming language shown on your CV. Data Structure principles such as Linked List, Array, Hashing, Binary Tree, Stack, Queue, Trees, Matrix, and others are vital topics. 

If you're unsure which source to utilize to learn about Data Structure, we're here to help. Take a look at the DSA Self-Paced Course. Algorithms such as Algorithm Analysis, Sorting/Searching, Geometric Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Divide and Conquer, Mathematical Algorithms, Branch and Bound, and so on. DBMS, Computer Networks, and Operating Systems are all core disciplines.

Create an Effective Resume

According to a poll, HR professionals devote approximately 6 to 7 seconds analyzing your résumé. In this fast scan, they'll see whether you have any specific skills. As a result, in order to boost your chances of being chosen, you must create an eye-catching CV. Make sure your CV is exceptional for presenting your abilities because it will be the initial point of contact with an employer. 

When writing your CV, some of the points to think about are - Use keywords that are appropriate for the job. Make a separate category for your technical talents and categorize them based on their level of proficiency. Create a resume that is specific to the job criteria. End up making it aesthetically attractive by using a simple format. Make sure it's short and sweet and that it's only one page long.

Create a Strong Network

It is critical to maintain a solid network while applying for Off Campus employment in order to adapt to the changing and the newest hiring trends. You should network with your friends, instructors, and university seniors to increase your professional chances. Developing a solid network will also enable you to request job references, which account for 30% of all hiring.

Practice Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews

In the interview, you will almost certainly be asked the following questions:

  1. Tell Me About Yourself — Respond to this question convincingly and concisely that demonstrates your suitability for the post.
  2. Why do you wish to be a part of our team? – Don't give a generic response to this question. Conduct a thorough study and identify something special about the organization that interests you, which you can mention in your response.
  3. What are your greatest assets? – Answer in terms of quality rather than quantity. Your response should mention your strengths that are relevant to the job description.
  4. What makes you so special that we should recruit you? Respond to this question in a manner that demonstrates that you are capable of performing this task and delivering excellent results. Also, describe why you are a good fit for the company's staff and culture.
  5. What prompted you to leave your previous/current position? – Answer this question by stating that you want to advance in your career and obtain a new viewpoint. Don't be overly truthful by mentioning something unpleasant concerning your previous/current employer or employment.
  6. Offer an overview of how you have previously dealt with a job difficulty - Answer this question by trying to describe a challenging problem you've conquered that has helped you sprout all through your tenure.
  7. Give an example of a time when you excelled under duress — Answer this question by recounting an instance when you were assigned a difficult task that you perhaps were able to finish on time. 

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Be active on LinkedIn if you ever want to seek an Off Campus placement. It will enable you to keep up with various companies' most recent employment trends. Because an updated LinkedIn profile displayed in Google search results increases your chances of being chosen. Here are some recommendations for improving your LinkedIn profile:

  • Select a professional-looking profile photo.
  • Use keywords in your title that are relevant to what you want to be found for.
  • Make your summary into a tale by using numbers and a call to action.
  • Eliminate clichés from your description and employment section, such as “specialized,” "leadership," focused, 'strategic," experienced, 'passionate,' expert,' and so on.
  • Make a list of your applicable abilities.
  • Request referrals as well as endorsements from your first connection, as well as recommendations.

Once you've filled out your profile with the appropriate content as well as keywords, it will be viewable worldwide, regardless of country. As a result, customizing your LinkedIn profile is the greatest approach to remaining current on placement trends and landing a job.

Get Help From Experts

Another of the best methods to get employed is to seek advice from experts who have previously mastered the art of Off Campus Placements. You can contact such experts through social media profiles to learn more about their path and to learn from their personal experiences. 

Now let’s look at the Top 5 Companies to Apply During Off Campus Placements, especially for engineers-

  • Paytm

Before searching for job chances, one must first learn about the company's history. So, here's a quick rundown of Paytm-Today, the entire world is turning cashless. It does not indicate that the world has gone bankrupt. However, it implies that we now have more advanced monetary transaction methods. 

This can be digitalized or be dealt with as plastic money. As a result, digital platforms such as Paytm have made money transactions a lot easier. This company has a diverse working environment, which provides new employees with excellent learning opportunities.

Paytm Off Campus Drive Information-

This fintech firm offers career opportunities in a variety of fields. As a result, students with various educational qualifications can qualify for the appropriate alternative. For your convenience, I've included a list of qualifications: - A bachelor's degree, including BTech, BA, BCom, and so on. In addition, graduate degree holders, including ME, MTech, MBA, MCA, and others, are also eligible to apply.

Locations of employment: Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, and so on. Paytm job openings for freshers include the fields of Network Engineer, Trainee Engineer, Management Trainee, and other common entry-level jobs. These Off Campus placement efforts are also open to trained personnel.

  • Capgemini

Firstly let's know a bit about this company and have a look at the company's history. This company is a wonderful option for job searchers once again. When necessary, it undertakes placement drives on a regular basis. Capgemini's work is mostly focused on technology, consulting, outsourcing, and other related services. As a result, the organization ensures that potential employees are employable.

About Capgemini Off Campus Placement Drive-

Educational Requirements- The company accepts applications from both undergraduate as well as postgraduate students. The following is a list of education degrees that are required to apply for specific employment roles: - BE or BTech, ME or MTech, MBA, MCA, etc. 

Both entry-level, as well as experienced individuals can find work at Capgemini. As a result, you'll be able to apply depending on your credentials. Professional experience, on the one hand, provides its own set of benefits. On the other hand, Freshmen may be able to begin with entry-level jobs. Whatever the case may be, it always boils down to your ability.

  • Accenture 

This is an American-Irish firm that is a learning center for many Indian grads. The world is changing at a breakneck pace! As a result of the increased competition, enhanced resolutions are required. Accenture provides strategic business models. It serves a wide range of businesses, from small businesses to huge corporations. It also aids the expansion of government entities. 

Accenture performs a wide range of services, including advanced technology, consulting, operations, strategy, and digital solutions. This firm works in a variety of fields, including media, healthcare, financial services, and so on. It has thus far served over 120 countries. Accenture provides young graduates with a variety of learning opportunities as a result.

About Accenture Off Campus Placement Drive-

Accenture is growing at lightning speed. As a result, suitable applicants are needed throughout the year. As a result, the organization performs off-placement initiatives in various domains depending on the demand.

Job Locations: The placement process is usually held throughout India. The following are some of the major cities: Bangalore, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, and so forth. Qualifications- Graduates with the following degrees are eligible to apply for Accenture: BE, BTech, ME, MTech, etc. Designing, testing, configuration, and so on are examples of job categories.

  • Wipro

This is an Indian multinational corporation. It is a technology and consulting company. As a result, it is among the most appealing solutions for technical thinkers.

Off Campus Placement Drive at Wipro-

This company undertakes frequent placement drives for both technical and non-technical positions. Educational Qualification- Students applying for technical positions must have a professional certification in either BTech or BE. Non-technical positions, on the other hand, are open to students with any degree. This organization provides a fantastic opportunity to advance your career. 

Wipro's placement drive is held all around India and the Job titles include entry-level engineer, trainee engineer, network engineer, and so on.

  • Erricson

This firm specializes in telecom as well as networking solutions. As a result, it offers a variety of technical work opportunities. This isn't to say that non-technical jobs aren't available. Every company, without a doubt, has a management department that has not much to do with technical expertise. 

About Erricson Off Campus Placements Drive-

Any graduate is eligible to apply for positions at Erricson. The following is a list of educational requirements: - a. Any graduate or post-graduate student may apply. Technical occupations may require any of the following qualifications-BE, BTech, BCA, and so forth.

Students with a master's degree are also eligible to apply for these positions. MCA, MTech, and ME degrees are examples of postgraduate studies.

 So despite the pandemic, there are still top-tier engineering colleges like IIT, BITS, Arya College (Arya group of Colleges), NIT, etc. that have very good on-campus placements.