quality VS quantity

“We measure genius by quality, not by quantity.”                                                                                                                         -Windell Phillips

From the above lines , it’s quite clear how quality is most beneficial in the long run .Today our country India is dealing with many such examples of where we win in case of quantity but when the talk is of quality, we seem to fail.One of the biggest of such example is our own education system.

The basic concept of our present education system is no different from a factory which produces and sells unfinished products in the market. Still our country is developing today with the highest growth rate in the world, which puts many foreigners in a dilemma. How?

The reason is that we have IITs, NITs and other Government, or Non-government Top world class engineering institutes in India which are few in number, though they produce quality students according to the need of the market or corporate industry.

But the actual statistics on the ground level is very different on the basis of comparison. About 1.5 Million engineers pass out from about 10396 engineering colleges throughout India. Of which only few are placed. Recent studies and research says that “About 94% of engineering graduates were not fit for hiring”. The best 10 IT companies take only 6% of the engineering graduates. But what happens to the remaining 94%?

They struggle for work or start to prepare for government job,Or start to work under payment because engineers are not able to fulfill the demands of the industries, the corporate industries want an employ having well technical skill, communication skill, leadership skill and having  well management skill , Industry focus on practical knowledge rather than higher percentage of marks ,Industries requirement are to be updated with new technology and new ideas but our education system is still continue with the syllabus of medaival period,

Corporate world want to hire a employ having multi-talent, a single employ can do the work of five employ but the college produce such employ that even five employ can’t perform the work of a single employ.

The environment of corporate world and the environment of the many college or institution are totally different

But I am the student of Arya institute of engineering and technology where I found it is very good institute because it focus on the demand of corporate industries, here we have a highly codified teacher for technical knowledge

There is a well organized library facility where all the types of books are available which helps us to enhance our knowledge Our college AIET provides us computer lab or robotics lab Which help us for enhance our practical Knowledge In our college there is incubation center where we can make the part of robot which enhance our industrial knowledge AIET is the first Engineering College having Incubation center in Rajasthan. Our college introduces us ARYA TOAST MASTER CLUB which help us to enhance our communication skill and leadership And management skill and during cultural event college give us the opportunities to perform our manage mental knowledge I am really proud to be the part of ARYA because it focus on Quality not on quantity m sure that I will have a great future


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