When India achieved Independence in the year 1947, the major concern for the Indian government was to establish a strong root of education in every field to make India a literate country. Under this, the technical education also took birth to make the country and its people capable of facing real challenges. A number of institutes and education governing bodies were introduced after this under which, management, science, technology, arts and every subject became a matter of concern for the government.

The duty of these educational institutions was to make candidates competent with hard core intelligence, confidence and independence which they can get after taking higher studies. In different parts of India, this concept was developing at a very faster pace. Today, the India education system has completed its agenda. We already know the names of IIT and IIM which are known for their extraordinary competence and outstanding students who take education under these institutes. With this, there are many other institutes which provide the opportunity of higher education to the candidates to make their future bright.

AICTE Affiliated College

The need and importance for education is now realized by every Indian citizen and it encourages them to plan their academic journey and career path. With so many colleges and universities, there are many students who are impressed by the technical education in Rajasthan. There are numerous colleges in Rajasthan which have proved their competence in the form of capable students who are now placed in big companies and are earning well.

Institutes like Arya Group of Colleges are contributing to the growth of strong India. They all are approved by AICTE which can be said as the education governing body of India. Every student wish to study in an AICTE Approved Engineering College as such colleges provides high quality education with qualified and experienced teaching staff. All India Council of Technical Education was found in the year 1945 with the objective of providing high education to the citizens. With continuous monitoring and planning, India is providing the best talent in the world. Students are been called by foreign companies for recruitment and their intelligence is so much visible to the whole world.

There are some particular exams and tests which are conducted for the candidates and are used as one of the eligibility criteria for them. Students have to pass this examination to get admission in good colleges.

How placement history may affect your college selection?

Majority of the candidates are planning to take admission in Career College so that they can get their dream job. Whether you are taking admission in management or science or technology or in arts, as you complete your coursework, you will wish to get a good job. The first step to the journey of making a bright future is to get quality education in a good college which can provide you a promising career path. Job hunting is a very difficult task in the dropping down economy. Taking admission in a college can provide you the platform to get placement opportunities unlike going into the job market and searching for jobs.

To get good placement opportunities, one has to look for highest placement college in Jaipur. Every college shares the review and feedback of the students pursuing professional courses in these colleges. India has become a successful educational hub today and candidates from other countries are coming here to complete their higher education. With highest placement college in Rajasthan, students wish to complete their coursework in these colleges. Colleges are not only known for their quality education but, also for promising placements which is found in very few colleges these days.

Highest Placement College

Interview is one of the most important stage while the placement process. Throughout the curriculum, students are been taught about the questions they will face in an interview which includes both the theoretical and practical knowledge they have gained so far. With top 10 engineering colleges in Jaipur, students have to try hard to take admission as the competition is very high. The practical training and theoretical classes imparted under experienced teachers is the essence of professional courses provided by top colleges in Rajasthan for engineering.

Most of the colleges providing professional coursework have a separate department called the placement department which manages communication with good companies to visit their campus for recruitment. These companies hire individuals from one college in a large quantity and every candidate is judge on the basis of their knowledge and talent. Companies conduct recruitment process in separate rounds like introductory round, interview round, group discussion round, etc. The Top engineering colleges in Jaipur make their students prepare to face such complex recruitment procedures. Throughout their degree course, students are been told about the different companies and their recruitment processes. This helps the students to have an idea about how they have to face the interviewer.

Why a technical institute with the right accreditation is important

Are you looking for an Engineering institute in Jaipur?If your answer is yes, then you have the same doubts as millions of other students. The genesis of such a doubt is – What is the basis on which the student can trust an institute? We often see lofty advertisements published in newspapers and billboards. The material printed in such advertisements talks about achievements of the institute. They always talk about how they have helped place their students in prestigious organizations. However, how many of us pay attention to the small text printed below these advertisements?

How many of these institutes mention if they are an NBA Accredited Engineering College in Jaipur? Do students even know of such an accreditation? This is one aspect we never bother to check. We always focus on the word of mouth aspect. The reality is that many institutes do not even bother to take such an accreditation. For those who are not aware, this is a certificate provided by the government. The government lays out guidelines when it comes to the syllabus, admission procedures as well as placements. Only those institutes that follow these guidelines get the requisite certification.

NBA Accredited College

So why is it important to enroll in NBA Accredited Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan? For starters, that they have the requisite government permissions. This is important when it comes to placements and future job prospects in the state, country and overseas. Companies place a huge importance to this accreditation. These institutes are counted among the most trusted names. Companies know that the students have been imparted knowledge from a standardized syllabus. They also know that these institutes ensure that they remain abreast with the latest changes in the field of engineering. This allows them to impart the best education to their students.

Most students may think that there is a dearth of such colleges in the state. That is not the case as many institutes like the Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology Jaipur that are making a name in this sector. Institutes like this are turning out a safe and viable option for students to pursue their careers in this field. These institutes are filled with the best teaching staff. They ensure that every students well trained and has all the requisite knowledge to survive in the corporate world.

Today, more than ever, this accreditation is important. Without it, students may end up losing their money learning in a place without the proper approvals.

The Five Biggest Mistakes Students Make When Choosing a College

Okay, you’re a getting prepared to put in an application to colleges, but the query is, which colleges? Some kids start discerning about college as primary as their freshman years, yet plenty of other students don’t act anything regarding it until and unless they are seniors. Which academies fit you as an individual and a student? There are good and bad methods of determining that. Here are the five biggest mistakes kids make in selecting a college:


  1. Not Knowing Themselves: Kids who choose colleges based on what the institutes offer, yet not on what the institute best suit them, frequently end up dissatisfied.
  2. Not doing studies about colleges: Students who pick colleges only by brand, locality or because their peer group is going there, and don’t seek into what the institute is all about, may find themselves disappointed  after they begin college.
  3. Being too afraid to take a risk: Sometimes kids underestimate their options for university acceptance, specifically if they have a learning problem or face various challenges. Know that educational institute is very kind  to the kid who has a learning disability or any other issues, and since of them are over and again for giving of fewer marks and test scores.
  4. Being unlikely, arrogant or innocent: Some kids who have celestial educational records and powerful test scores limit themselves to putting an application to the best selective colleges. They quit Good options and Elegant Sure Thing colleges off their lists. These are a huge mistake, a type of admissions gullibility or even pride.
  5. Feeling Uninspired, Ornery or Inactive: Applying to institutes these days is very difficult. It takes a pleasant deal of study to decide how your individual trait and exclusive colleges match.

Searching for a college can appear overpowering, yet those who get into it frequently find that it is a part of fun.

Will Your College End Up Like Detroit?

While taking admission in a college people take all the aspects of it, starting from its infrastructure to its faculty and eminent personalities who have completed their education from the same place. But what if you wake up and while reading a newspaper, you find that the college which you have attended just for a month has gone bankrupt. That would be the worst nightmare you could ever have, isn’t?

Education on the internet is developing day by day. Big colleges or universities have created their online portals from where students can access lectures of different subjects, whereas, classes  in the college building have decreased a lot. It is being predicted that these classes will completely diminish, or their cost will be significantly reduced.

Fee Structure

Before you go to take admission to any college, try and ask about the fees charged. Schools and colleges are no more being funded by the state. If they are, their percentage has declined tremendously. If we look at it from the other side, it was the taxpayer’s money which was being supplied to them. There are  colleges which ask for a large amount for different classes. The cherry on the cake is that, they refuse to give any relief or discount to the best students. In addition to this, they simply decline to lower their tuition fees.

You also need to look at reports connected to the college. Is there any mention of cutbacks in staff and facilities? Is there any dissatisfaction among the teaching staff on unpaid dues? Is the management talking about reducing the courses? All these are clear indicators of an institute that is in trouble. Ensure that you check with the interviewers about such published reports. It always makes sense to be prepared beforehand. Do not fear that it may paint a negative picture about you.

Arya Group of College Getting Boom through its New Android App for Students

With technology touching the every aspect of our life, remaining void of it is no more a profitable approach for businesses. Comprehending the potential of the Android Apps, Arya College of Jaipur recently launched their Android App which gives students and parents a full access to the activities of the college.

Arya Group of College’s online students can enjoy the mobile app. The college has launched a mobile application for Android can be downloaded free. Students can download the Android app free. Students will need an Android Smartphone to use the great features of this app.

The Arya College mobile app offers many features including:

Events: Students can get information about upcoming events, Campus Life etc. They can participate on time. With the use of this android app, they can easily know about the date and time of upcoming events for student development.

Campus News: Students can access the College news with the use of this android application. They can be up to date with the campus news.

Placement News: The training and placement Cell can give you update of placement news in the college on a regular basis.

Exam Dates: Students can easily view announced Exam dates in this app.

 Arya Mail: Students can access their email id which is given by Arya College.

 View Attendance: If you want to view your attendance, you need to register first. Registered students can easily view their attendance.

 Search Jobs: If you want to Search Jobs, you should register first. The registered students of Arya College can find the jobs when updated by training and placement cell.

Alumni Connect: The students of Arya College (AIET & ACERC) need to register themselves under this feature of mobile app. They can share their job profile and keep in touch with juniors.

Social Icons: The students of Arya College should register themselves under this feature of mobile app Social Icons and you can easily access the Twitter page of the College. You can share their view.

Places near Arya College: If you want to know about the places near Arya College, you can use this mobile app to view the list of places near Arya Colleges (AIET & ACERC).

Places in Jaipur: Students or others can find out the top Places in Jaipur that you can visit.

Exit: This section plays a vital role in mobile application. If you entered the android app, you definitely need to exit.

Therefore, the mobile app allows the students to navigate campus, access a variety of administrative resources and view the latest events and news.

About Arya Group of College

Arya Group of College is one of the finest engineering colleges, not just in Jaipur, but in Rajasthan. The college has already registered its name to be technical advanced through its state-of-the-art learning process and cutting-edge technologies. There are various Faculty Development Programs available for faculty and high class Library with latest learning tools. You will find best discipline, regularity and punctuality. There are many facilities in this College like hostels, Library, ATM etc. The features of the college are a perfect combination of four basic pillars of education system such as:

  1. Management
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Faculty
  4. Academic