Implementation of Robots to Overcome COVID-19 Crisis

We all are aware of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and how the spread of Coronavirus has resulted in a lockdown of the major countries of the world including India. One of the terms that have gained momentum during this time is social distancing which is also the only way to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Artificial Intelligence and Robotic technology can be of great assistance in this crisis as robots can help by avoiding human contact. Arya College Jaipur which is the best B Tech College in India has developed humanoid service robots. 


The government is emphasizing on social distancing and therefore, these robots can be used for delivering medicines to patients diagnosed with COVID-19. This results in reducing the possible chances of additional infections due to human contact while treating the patient. Although most of the people have been quarantined in their homes the healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff always remain at a greater risk to be infected by this virus. Therefore, in this time of Corona crisis the development of NANCY robot can be treated as a major advantage which has been programmed and instructed to perform the basic task of delivering medicines to the infected patient.


Although the majority of people consider robots a threat to their livelihood and jobs especially, the industrial robots, the role of robots and Artificial Intelligence in industries such as healthcare, retail and education cannot be overlooked. Therefore, the Advanced R & D Robotics Lab at Arya Group of Colleges 1st Main Campus aims at enhancing the capabilities of robots in today’s scenario. This will not only help in navigating the Coronavirus crisis but also ensure quality healthcare services to patients by avoiding contact between humans. This has relevance in current circumstances because now the healthcare professionals are also getting infected during the treatment. Thus, the use of robots in hospitals and isolation wards can significantly drop the infection rate among doctors and healthcare workers. 


Every life is precious and therefore, doctors and nurses are making every attempt to save patients’ life from coronavirus. The use of robots can be highly useful in this phase as they can reduce the excessive pressure of medical staff. Recent studies have shown that robots can also be used for measuring patient’s temperature and healthcare professionals can interact with the patient via the robots. All this reflects that the implementation of robots in healthcare has a great scope in terms of improving the existing healthcare facilities. 


Therefore, Arya College Kukas which is the best private university in India for B Tech offers the students a golden opportunity to learn the most about AI technology and Robotics with a team of highly experienced faculty members. The students can explore and understand how the use of robots make our life better and smarter. 

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