Implementation of Robots to Overcome COVID-19 Crisis

We all are aware of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and how the spread of Coronavirus has resulted in a lockdown of the major countries of the world including India. One of the terms that have gained momentum during this time is social distancing which is also the only way to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Artificial Intelligence and Robotic technology can be of great assistance in this crisis as robots can help by avoiding human contact. Arya College Jaipur which is the best B Tech College in India has developed humanoid service robots. 


The government is emphasizing on social distancing and therefore, these robots can be used for delivering medicines to patients diagnosed with COVID-19. This results in reducing the possible chances of additional infections due to human contact while treating the patient. Although most of the people have been quarantined in their homes the healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff always remain at a greater risk to be infected by this virus. Therefore, in this time of Corona crisis the development of NANCY robot can be treated as a major advantage which has been programmed and instructed to perform the basic task of delivering medicines to the infected patient.


Although the majority of people consider robots a threat to their livelihood and jobs especially, the industrial robots, the role of robots and Artificial Intelligence in industries such as healthcare, retail and education cannot be overlooked. Therefore, the Advanced R & D Robotics Lab at Arya Group of Colleges 1st Main Campus aims at enhancing the capabilities of robots in today’s scenario. This will not only help in navigating the Coronavirus crisis but also ensure quality healthcare services to patients by avoiding contact between humans. This has relevance in current circumstances because now the healthcare professionals are also getting infected during the treatment. Thus, the use of robots in hospitals and isolation wards can significantly drop the infection rate among doctors and healthcare workers. 


Every life is precious and therefore, doctors and nurses are making every attempt to save patients’ life from coronavirus. The use of robots can be highly useful in this phase as they can reduce the excessive pressure of medical staff. Recent studies have shown that robots can also be used for measuring patient’s temperature and healthcare professionals can interact with the patient via the robots. All this reflects that the implementation of robots in healthcare has a great scope in terms of improving the existing healthcare facilities. 


Therefore, Arya College Kukas which is the best private university in India for B Tech offers the students a golden opportunity to learn the most about AI technology and Robotics with a team of highly experienced faculty members. The students can explore and understand how the use of robots make our life better and smarter. 

Women Achievers Award 2020 Season-2 organized at Arya Group of Colleges 1st Main Campus Kukas

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year and is one of the occasions when people across the globe celebrate the political, cultural, social and economic achievements of women. Arya Group of Colleges organized the ‘Women Achievers Award 2020 Season-2’ at Arya 1st Main Campus on 7th March 2020 to honor, recognize, appreciate and facilitate the efforts of women with a vision and who are doing exceptional work in different fields. Dr. Arvind Agarwal (President, Arya Group of Colleges) and Dr. Puja Agarwal (Vice President, Arya Group of Colleges) warmly welcomed and greeted all the women achievers who were invited to grace the occasion. On the auspicious occasion of Women’s Day, we have felicitated 45 Women Achievers from diverse fields such as Education, Sports, Science, Arts, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Literature.

The Chief Guest for the program was Kalbeliya dancer and Padmashree award winner Gulabo Sapera. Celebrity Fashion Designer Himmat Singh and Ranu Shrivastava were also invited for this award ceremony. President Dr. Arvind Agarwal sharing his thoughts on this beautiful occasion said that respecting a woman is equivalent to respecting the whole society as it is the women who support the men in every phase of life by playing different roles such as mother, wife, sister, and daughter. The list of proud Women achievers includes Tanushree Pareek (First Woman BSF Officer in Kashmir), Vamini Sethi (Limca Book of Records holder Mountain Biker from Bombay), Shatabdi Awasthi (Gold Medalist International Para Athlete and Kaun Banega Crorepati participated), Sunita Meena (Additional S.P.).

In addition to this, other women achievers who were given awards were Dr. Swati Chawla (Psychologist from Delhi), Lachi Prajapati (International Kathak and Bhawai Dancer), Shweta Pada (Actress cum Producer from Bombay), Vinni Kakkad (Entrepreneur from Jaipur), Manu and Rajni Khadoria (NGO Arvi Person Hope, Jaipur), Priyanka Maheshwari (Director, Jaipur Art Academy), Mahima Rathore (Social Activist from Ajmer), Rishika (Artist from Jaipur), Shefali Saxena (Sound Engineer), Deepshikha Jain (Playback Singer), Yojna Jai Singh (First Woman Furniture Manufacturers from Jaipur). The award ceremony was an initiative to honor the contribution of these women that they have given in their respective fields.

At the end of the program, our President and Vice President appreciated the achievement of all the women achievers that brought a big change in the society. Further, Dr. Puja Agarwal Mam addressing the audience explained how Arya College Jaipur is the best private engineering college in Jaipur that emphasizes women empowerment through quality higher education to girl students, especially in the engineering field.

TEQIP-III Sponsored Innovation and Startup Competition (ISC) 2020 to be held at Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology on 21-22nd February 2020

Arya Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur Arya Main Campus will be organizing a two-day event ‘Innovation and Startup Competition (ISC) 2020’ in association with Rajasthan Technical University (RTU) and powered by Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP-III) on 21-22nd February 2020. The spectacular two-day event will be followed by different Startup and Innovation competitions respectively. We have received an overwhelming response for the event. As the best college in Rajasthan, we understand the importance of such events which help students to explore their skills and share their innovative ideas.

The Start-up Competition will be an idea showcase event. The students who are participating in the competition will make a demonstration of their specific idea, the pros, and cons associated with the idea and how the idea can be successfully implemented in the business model. The panel of judges and experts after evaluating all the ideas and their utility in the business will decide the best idea. In the Innovation Competition, students will make a display of their projects and give a demonstration of how the project will work. The judging panel after considering all the projects will choose the best among them.

Considering the growing importance of startups, this event is the biggest platform in Rajasthan where students can explore the startup opportunities and can lay the foundation for successful future entrepreneurship. In addition to this, the students have a chance to win a prize worth Rs. 1.5 Lac. The first winner of the competition will be awarded prize money of Rs.75000, the second winner with prize money of Rs.50000 and the third winner with a sum of Rs.25000. As the top engineering college in Jaipur, we believe that such competitions should be organized frequently as they gave a platform to students to represent their innovative ideas and how future business problems can be resolved with the successful implementation of the ideas in the existing business model. On behalf of Arya Group of Colleges, Kukas all are cordially invited to attend the Innovation and Startup Competition and motivate the young and budding engineers and appreciate their talent.

Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Recognition for “Reengineering India 2020” awarded to Dr. Arvind Agarwal Sir

Arya Group of Colleges added another golden page in its history when our respected Dr. Arvind Agarwal (President, Arya Group of Colleges) was awarded by Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Recognition for “Reengineering India 2020” in the Self Nomination Category. The award ceremony was organized on 11th February 2020 at SCOPE Conuention Center, New Delhi. This recognition has been received for the detailed submissions regarding the major reengineering initiatives that were taken by Arvind Sir at their organization (Arya 1st Main Campus, top engineering college in Jaipur) to the extent of Integral Humanism. All the students and faculty members of different departments heartily congratulate Dr. Arvind Agarwal Sir on his achievement that is creating newer milestones in the field of engineering and technical education.

best engineering college in Jaipur

Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Recognition for Re-Engineering India 2020 was organized to reward professionals who had made sincere contributions and devised new initiatives for improving and balancing the philosophical precepts of Integral Humanism such as Dharma, Kama, Artha, and Moksha. The innovative approach and ideas of our President have made remarkable improvements in the success of Arya Group of Colleges and motivates the students, faculty members, and the management to achieve higher standards of education in the field of technical education. In addition to this, successful campus placements at the college are yet another important step that marks the success of engineering students. Arvind Agarwal Sir being the President very well understands this and constantly focuses on bridging the Academia Gap. 

Apart from this, the glimpses our President’s initiatives can be seen in a spectrum of activities that aims at holistic development of the students both at the personal and professional level. It’s a matter of pride and honour for all of us for being the part of the most reputed and best engineering college in Jaipur that is run by visionary leaders like Dr. Arvind Agarwal. We heartily congratulate our respected President for being awarded by this prestigious recognition and wish his good works and approach always inspire us for creating something innovative and new. This will not only help in enhancing the skills of the students but will also positively contribute to nation-building.

How Online Certification Programs Enhance Skills and Knowledge of Engineering Students?

Engineering is one of the prestigious educational programs that develop the necessary knowledge and skills in a wide range of technical fields. Being the best engineering college in Jaipur, Arya Group of College offers students the opportunity to pursue their higher studies in different branches like Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science, and Electronics & Communication engineering. Joining Online Certification programs can be an added advantage for the students in the following respect:

Enhances Employability

The level of competitiveness in today’s job market cannot be denied. Employers always search for candidates who are dynamic and possess knowledge not only of their core field but also the other associated fields so that the candidate can perform the task most effectively. Thus, if you are a software engineer, a certificate course in communication and leadership can provide dual benefits as it can develop the desired leadership skills. 

Skill Creation

Certification programs can help you get the right skill set that is relevant to your specific specialization. Lack of essential skills is one of the major factors that restrict students from getting a placement at the top multinational corporations. Thus, pursuing these certificate programs simultaneously with the main academic program builds your skills that are searched by the employers in the prospective candidate. 

Improves the existing knowledge level

Online Certificate programs not only develop the skills but also update the student’s knowledge about the latest trends and technologies that are taking place in their specific fields. Thus, employers are highly impressed with candidates who are ready to take an innovative approach for performing a task rather than taking the traditional approach. 

Understanding the importance of skill-building, a number of online certification programs are run by the Government of India so that students can meet the expectations and demands of the current job market. Also being the top b tech college in Jaipur, we motivate students to pursue these online certification programs for better future and career opportunities.

Career Opportunities for Students after Pursuing Mechatronics Engineering

Most of us might not have heard the term Mechatronics before as we are aware of the commonly adopted branches of engineering. Unlike other branches, that primarily specialize in a single field, Mechatronic Engineering can be recognized as the branch of engineering that combines the fundamentals associated with three different disciplines of engineering such as Mechanical, Computer Science and Electrical. Being a Mechtraonic engineer, you are capable of designing diverse types of machines and systems that are aware of the surrounding environment. Further, these machines are designed in a way that they can process information to make important decisions. As the top engineering college in Jaipur, we bring you career opportunities in this specific field of engineering. 

Although due to unawareness a very few students pursue this course. But if you analyze the job market, there is a high demand for mechatronics engineers as these engineering professionals possess the essential knowledge, skills, and expertise. These skills include real-time software engineering skills, electronics as well as instrumentation skills. Robotics can be a great field for mechatronics engineers. With the evolution of industries and technology, organizations search for professionals who can work in diverse fields. The major areas where these professionals are in high demand are Automation, Gaming, Control System, Computer simulations and modeling, Propulsion systems and Engineering Design. 

Mechatronic engineers play a crucial role in the product development process right from designing, testing, and manufacturing. This is because as the technology is advancing, products developed are not completely electronic, computerized or mechanical. Thus, mechatronics help professionals to explore the opportunities and capabilities of developing modern systems and machines that are equipped with computerized control and enhanced electronic system. Thus, the line distinguishing the different disciplines keeps on narrowing which offers bright prospects to mechatronic engineers as they can access the knowledge areas of the different disciplines. 

Apart from industrial robots, mechatronics also has specialized applications in the development of other industrial products such as MRI and X-Ray machines and CNC machine tools. The development of several consumer goods like microwaves and smartphones also utilizes the skills of mechatronic engineers. Thus, Mechatronics offers a much reliable, simpler and economical way of performing activities. Being the best private engineering college in Jaipur, we are engaged in providing quality education to students and explore new avenues in the field of technical education so that the students can update themselves with the latest trends and technology.

Kartik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan visited Arya College Campus for the promotion of the movie Love Aaj Kal 2

Recently the students and faculty members of Arya Group of Colleges witnessed an enthralling event at the Arya Main Campus when two of the celebrities visited the campus. These two celebrities are none other than Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aryan who were invited for the promotion of their upcoming movie Love Aaj Kal 2. The event was a gaiety affair and the excitement of the event and the craze to meet the celebrities can be easily seen on the face of the students. The star cast of the movie was warmly welcomed by Dr. Arvind Agarwal Sir (President, Arya Group), Dr. Puja Agarwal Mam (Group Director, Arya Group) and the entire staff and the students of the Arya College. The students were eagerly waiting for the star cast and didn’t want to miss the chance to meet their favorite stars. 

Not only the star cast, but even the anchoring of the program was also done in an engaging manner that captivated the audience and everyone wanted to become the part of this enjoyable moment. As soon as Sara and Kartik reached the venue, the students gave them a huge round of applause that overwhelmed both the stars. As the program gradually proceeded, Sara and Kartik shared the memories and explained how they became a part of the movie. Several fun-filled activities were conducted during the visit such as an interesting Question-Answer round in which the students asked questions regarding the plot of the movie, their role, etc. The stars also enjoyed and gave back to back funny answers that made the session all the more engaging. 

A celebrity visit is considered to be incomplete if they have not performed on the favorite songs of the audience. Kartik and Sara being professional actors knew this very well and therefore, they did not disappoint the students. They performed on one of the famous songs of the movie “Twist” which is already ranking the chartbuster. In addition to this, they also shared some dialogues of the movie that further aroused the curiosity of students about the movie. Sara and Kartik thanked the crowd for showing such enthusiasm and response to the movie and insisted they make it yet another successful movie from the Love Aaj Kal franchise. 

On behalf of the Arya Group of Colleges, Arvind Sir, Puja Mam, and the entire staff and students of the college, we wished all the good luck to the Sara Ali Khan, Kartik Aryan and the team members of the movie Love Aaj Kal-2. We conduct such activities regularly as they help in bringing out the hidden talent of the students and improve their overall personality that is crucial for successful career building.

Best Future Technology Trends in 2020 That You Should Know About

Technology is something that keeps on updating every day. It is evolving at a rapid pace and many a time it happens that before any technology comes into the market, it soon becomes outdated as it reaches a wide audience. As the best engineering college in Rajasthan, we understand that technology-based careers, although they do not change at that pace, yes but they do evolve. Therefore, we believe that IT professionals in the 21st century should constantly update their knowledge about the latest technology. This will not only offer the desired growth to the professionals but also help them to dig deeper into the technology. Let us have a glimpse of some future technology trends that are a must for 2020. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

One of the major transformations and evolutions in the IT sector is the Artificial Intelligence or AI technology as it is widely known as. Several organizations are using this technology for streamlining the business processes as well as to enhance the customer experience. AI can be recognized as the computer systems that are empowered with human intelligence and can perform tasks such as decision making, identifying patterns of speech and images, etc. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can be referred to as twin technologies that enable the user to experience real things in a virtual environment. VR technology has a wider application in the gaming industry and AR technology enhances the user’s gaming experience. Do you remember Pokemon Go? The game is the best example to show how AR has been utilized to provide a real gaming environment that is highly engaging. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT technology utilizes WiFi connectivity for connecting different types of devices. IoT has a great future ahead as you can connect your home appliances along with cars and other things. Thus, data can be successfully exchanged by using the internet. Moreover, as data can be collected through different devices, IoT ensures better decision making, safety, and efficiency for the business. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is yet another technology like AI and Machine Learning that is used for better automation of jobs. Multiple software are available and utilized for automating the business processes. These processes are primarily associated with the processing of transactions, interpretation of applications and data along with systems that result in auto-generating emails. Thus, this technology is highly useful in organizations where repetitive tasks are involved and the process consumes the significant time of the people doing the job. 

On The Whole

Keeping an eye on the latest technology trends can help IT professionals master the skills that are required for accessing job opportunities in a specific field. As the top b tech college in Jaipur, Arya College offers engineering students a chance to learn and understand these latest technologies that will help in boosting their career in the IT field for a bright future ahead. 

Why Engineering Students should have the Necessary Knowledge about Engineering Ethics?

Ethics, in general, can be recognized as the set of standard rules and principles that are imposed by society or a group of people belonging to a specific profession. These ethics help in defining the actions that are acceptable and expected from the professionals and are reflective of the values and the principles of the concerned profession. According to the private engineering college in Jaipur like Arya College, engineering ethics can be identified as the set of moral principles that are associated with the practice of engineering. Thus, these ethics cover a spectrum of areas such as the policies, moral ideas, relations between people and organizations that are engaged in the technical field. 

Reasons why top b tech college focus on learning the engineering ethics

Engineering is one of the highly learned and acknowledged professions as engineers have a direct impact on the life of the people. Thus, it is expected that as a member and part of the engineering community, it is desired that they should exhibit the highest level of integrity and honesty. We know that it is obvious that whether the engineers work in multinational corporations or at the individual level, they will be faced with certain kinds of ethical issues. As the best engineering college in Jaipur and having vast experience in the field of engineering education, we can identify some of the common ethical issues associated with the conceptualization of a product along with product design and testing. 

In addition to this, ethical practices in the engineering field also help engineering graduates to manage other moral issues related to manufacturing, supervision, and teamwork. The ethics also helps in developing the essential discretion ability of the engineers as they are responsible for taking decisions related to products and services. Thus, the safety of the products can be ensured and in return, all this leads to building the reputation and the goodwill of the organization.

Structural integrity is one such ethics in engineering primarily followed in civil engineering or structural engineering. This branch of engineering is associated with the construction of the building and other large public infrastructure such as dams, bridges, etc. The principle of structural integrity defines the responsibilities of engineers in terms of soundness of the construction design, the functionality of the building along with maintaining high standards of safety and security for the residents. We believe that these ethics and principles should not be applied in a single field of engineering but should be applied to the diverse disciplines of engineering. 

All in All

As the top engineering college in Jaipur, we believe that ethics in engineering ensure public welfare, productivity, safety, security and equal development opportunities for all without any discrimination. Moreover, maintaining ethics in a profession not only helps in improving the work quality of the professionals but also the life of people associated with those professionals. Therefore, engineers should practice moral reasonableness, tolerance, respect for other persons, as well as the integrity of the engineering profession.

Top reasons why Artificial Intelligence is a boon for humanity

We all have heard that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future and it will change the way we are living. But many times, debates have arisen regarding greater automation and the machine-led environment will pose a great threat in terms of jobs and employability. Arya College is the top college in Jaipur that helps you learn the most essential concepts related to Artificial Intelligence. Want to know how AI is shaping the modern future and helping humanity? Read these interesting points to know more about the benefits of AI technology:

Ease of Automation

Industrial robots and machines can perform a laborious task without any major human interference. Thus, humans can perform such tasks with greater ease and a high level of precision. The major corporates and industrialists have now and then highlighted the relevance of AI technology for better productivity and efficiency. 

Tedious and Cumbersome tasks can be shifted

With AI technology, you can easily transfer the mechanized work to the robotic machines and can concentrate upon improving the creativity and effectiveness of the process. In the banking sector, the use of ATM can be depicted as the best example of how AI technology has simplified and reduced the burden of banking professionals. Thus, organizations can work on enhancing the level of customer satisfaction. 

Best combination of technology and creativity

The AI machines are just robotic machines that can think intelligently and creatively and can translate the thoughts in diverse human applications. But it is the human mind that infuses creativity in the machines and makes them act in a particular way. Thus, with AI you can excel both in intelligence and creativity and can get the best of the results and outcomes. 

Knowing these benefits, it can be said that Artificial Intelligence can lead to a major transformation in future times and therefore, learning the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence from the top engineering college in Jaipur like Arya College can provide students a golden opportunity to explore the multiple career opportunities in the field of AI technology.