Top reasons why Artificial Intelligence is a boon for humanity

We all have heard that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future and it will change the way we are living. But many times, debates have arisen regarding greater automation and the machine-led environment will pose a great threat in terms of jobs and employability. Arya College is the top college in Jaipur that helps you learn the most essential concepts related to Artificial Intelligence. Want to know how AI is shaping the modern future and helping humanity? Read these interesting points to know more about the benefits of AI technology:

Ease of Automation

Industrial robots and machines can perform a laborious task without any major human interference. Thus, humans can perform such tasks with greater ease and a high level of precision. The major corporates and industrialists have now and then highlighted the relevance of AI technology for better productivity and efficiency. 

Tedious and Cumbersome tasks can be shifted

With AI technology, you can easily transfer the mechanized work to the robotic machines and can concentrate upon improving the creativity and effectiveness of the process. In the banking sector, the use of ATM can be depicted as the best example of how AI technology has simplified and reduced the burden of banking professionals. Thus, organizations can work on enhancing the level of customer satisfaction. 

Best combination of technology and creativity

The AI machines are just robotic machines that can think intelligently and creatively and can translate the thoughts in diverse human applications. But it is the human mind that infuses creativity in the machines and makes them act in a particular way. Thus, with AI you can excel both in intelligence and creativity and can get the best of the results and outcomes. 

Knowing these benefits, it can be said that Artificial Intelligence can lead to a major transformation in future times and therefore, learning the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence from the top engineering college in Jaipur like Arya College can provide students a golden opportunity to explore the multiple career opportunities in the field of AI technology.

Top qualities considered by employers in campus placement

The placement process forms an integral part of the educational journey of engineering and other technical courses and offers the students an opportunity to prove that they are the best fit for a particular job role. According to a private engineering college in Jaipur, apart from the necessary skillset, the employers look for certain qualities in students. Further, every profession has unique requirements and thus, it is suggested that the budding engineers and other professionals should take into consideration the following qualities for maximizing the chance of success. Let us have a look at some of the key qualities that are searched by employers in prospective employees.

Quick learning ability

The quick learners always have an edge over other candidates as they can develop expertise in diverse job aspects due to their ability to learn swiftly. Thus, the training duration of such employees can be reduced and at the same time, the efficiency can be boosted. 

Communication and interpersonal skills 

Effective communication skills that are comprehensible by any individual in the enterprise is crucial and is one of the added benefits for many job providers in present times. This helps in achieving better communication within other departments of the organization and ensures that activities and tasks are carried out effectively. 

Ability to take ownership

Employers like to hire students who take ownership of their work and responsibility. Initiative and accountability greatly influence the employer and offers a competitive edge over other colleagues. Employers expect that employees should perform the task with their full potential and at the same time should take responsibility in case the tasks are not performed as per the scheduled planned. 

Positive attitude 

A straightforward ‘No’ is something that we all do when anything is expected over and above our mentioned job responsibilities. Employers welcome candidates that are ready to take risks and challenges beyond their current job profile. Thus, such candidates are highly preferred who undertake projects out of their comfort zone. 

The list of qualities will go on but the top engineering college in Jaipur suggests that that the students should constantly update their knowledge about the latest trends and technology so that constant innovation can be done for attainment of organizational objectives. 

Benefits of Virtual Reality for Business

All of us have heard the term Virtual Reality (VR) and how it is benefitting the individuals in the modern business scenario. But do you know what the term means? Most of us might be unaware of this technology. Virtualization is the process of creating a software-based simulated environment that represents servers, networks, virtual applications, and storage. Explore the benefits of Virtual Reality with the best engineering college in Jaipur and see how VR is transforming the present scenario. 


Certain specific industries are using VR technology for training their employees. These are the industries that involve dangerous environments and where real training is not possible due to difficulties and the risk involved. For instance, in the aviation industry, pilots use simulators in case they make any mistakes and aspiring medical professionals like surgeons use virtual reality for preventing medical accidents and complications. 

Offers greater convenience

The organizations that operate at a global level need to communicate with the teams across the globe. Decisions are taken based on the actual status of the projects. The professionals are required to travel from one country to another to supervise the projects that demand a significant amount of time and money. Virtual Technology removes all such hassles by saving your precious time and money. For example, architects and engineers across the globe can evaluate the designs of the buildings that will be constructed in a different country by taking a virtual tour of the project.  

Business conferencing

How about taking meetings with employees and professionals who are miles away at distant locations? Yes, virtualization has made this possible as it is embedded with features like real-time event coverage that enables persons at distant locations to communicate in a way that they all are present in the same meeting room. Thus, in modern business practices, virtual technology is not an exception but is becoming a routine norm for quality improvement and growth of the business. 

Arya College as the top b tech college in Rajasthan offers immense learning opportunities to the students in the field of engineering where you can learn the most about virtual reality. 

Top recruiters in major engineering branches for a prospering and successful career

The decision to choose an engineering branch is one of the most intricate decisions for the students who are ready to begin their journey in the engineering world. The majority of the students’ community opt for a branch by considering factors like their interest, advice from the parents, peer group pressure and the long term prospects. The experts from the best B.Tech college in Rajasthan emphasizes the importance of branch selection as it completely decides your destiny in the field and helps you explore career options associated with the specific branch.  


Recruiters in major engineering branches offered by top B.Tech college in Jaipur


Computer science: Of all the engineering branches, the engineering professionals who graduate from this branch have a high demand particularly in the service sector. As railways, banking, hospitality, airlines or any other industry are adopting a software-driven approach, computer engineers have a high demand in the market. 


Civil: Quality infrastructure like building, dams, airports, etc.indicate the growth level and development of a nation. The demand for civil engineers is fueled as the majority of construction projects require architects, site engineers, and supervisors. Moreover, it is a comparatively easier branch from other engineering branches. Both the private and public sectors have a vast employability scope for civil engineering graduates. 


Electronics and Communication: The telecommunication sector offers wide employability prospects to the EC engineers in both private and public sector companies. BSNL is the major employer in the public sector while private organizations comprise of Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, etc.  


Mechanical: The public sector undertakings like railways, metro rail corporation, defense forces, and heavy engineering companies are the major recruiters of mechanical graduates. Further, this is the branch that offers job prospects in both the public and private sectors and thus, you can explore the best of the options as per your preference. 


Electrical: One of the core and conventional branches of engineering, the electrical engineers experience high demand in the government sector undertakings like electricity boards, manufacturing, and power sector companies like NTPC, Railways and defense forces.

The appropriate guidance and counseling from the top B.Tech college in Rajasthan can significantly assist you in choosing the most suitable branch for a satisfying and high rewarding career. Moreover, your interest in a particular branch can help you learn the most to enhance your knowledge and skills in the field.

Career opportunities for B.Tech graduates after completion of the engineering programs

All of us are well aware of the fact that engineering is one of the highly rewarding fields with lucrative career options. Although those who have a keen interest in technology choose to pursue a degree in engineering but high paid jobs after B.Tech placements are another reason that cannot be ignored. Jaipur has emerged as a hub for technical and professional courses. The best engineering college in Jaipur has felt the craze among the students for engineering programs and thus focuses on providing a quality education that can help them excel in the field. But sometimes it has observed that despite all efforts, not all engineering students can grab their dream job. Then what do to next? 


Private engineering college lists the following career opportunities for engineering graduates


Prepare for government services: Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and Indian Engineering Services (IES) are some of the prestigious civil services examinations taken up by engineering graduates who want to build a challenging career full of responsibilities. Although corporate jobs offer the best of salary and perks, civil services and other government examination fulfills your dream to serve the nation. 


Higher studies in engineering: Although very few students are interested in this as it yields advantages in the long run. You can go for M.Tech or an M.S. degree but again it is not that easy. You are required to clear examinations like GATE to purse the M.Tech program from an institute of national repute. In the case of an M.S. degree from a foreign university, you need to clear tests like TOEFL/ IELTS and GRE. 


Enroll in the MBA program: Combining technical knowledge with management exposure is surely rewarding as it can offer a considerably higher salary package with long term professional growth. But again, if you pursue the MBA program from renowned institutions like IIMs it can benefit you more. Prestigious business schools resort to competitive exams like CAT so that they can get the best of the talent. 


The successful completion of the engineering program from the top engineering college in Jaipur can open your way towards an ocean of opportunities. All you need to do is to adopt a focused approach and decide your professional goals so that you can make the best utilization of your capabilities and skills. 

Why choose Arya Group of Colleges for engineering courses and higher education?

The Arya Group of Colleges started its journey long back in the year 1999 under the aegis of All India Arya Samaj is Society for Higher and Technical Education. Late Er. Shri. T. K. Agarwal was the founder chairman of the group and believed that engineers are the real creators of the nation. Continuing the tradition further, Dr. Arvind Agarwal (President, Arya Group of Colleges) and Dr. Puja Agarwal (Group Director, Arya Group of Colleges) are meticulously working to provide outstanding education in the field of engineering. 


Dr. Arvind Agarwal is a Medico Engineer who has pursued MBBS and MD (USA) and is highly experienced having 21 years of rich experience. Dr. Puja Agarwal is a renowned scholar who is highly acclaimed for her excellency in the field of education. She is holding a dual graduate degree in the field of law and commerce from Punjab University. Thereafter she pursued her MBA degree. She has also done a Ph.D. in HR Management from the USA. 


At Arya, we emphasize building a progressive academic environment for the students which helps them to become innovative and creative professionals. Further, we aim to develop the essential technical and managerial skills among students that contribute towards the success and development of the society and nation as a whole. In the case of engineering institutions, the placement has become one of the core parameters that define the quality of education. Therefore, Arya Group of Colleges strives to achieve the pinnacle of technical education through constant efforts and determination and is known to have provided the maximum number of placements.  Moreover, the remarkable education facilities help in reducing the knowledge and skill gap in the students to meet specific industry’s employability standards. 


With one of the best private engineering college, you can explore a plethora of technical courses like:

  • B.Tech 
  • M.Tech
  • B. Pharma
  • M. Pharma
  • MBA 


Moreover, the quality education coupled with exceptional infrastructure facilities helps in offering all-round development opportunities to the students that create future professionals to meet the particular industry’s requirement. In addition to this, highly distinguished and learned faculty enhances the learning experience by laying equal emphasis on the practical aspect that results in building global engineers and professionals. Lastly, the highly positive environment at the campus always motivates students to achieve something extra. 


Remember, it is easy to enter a race but winning depends on how your trainer has trained you to give your best. Choose the best and leave the rest for building a dynamic career in the field of engineering and technical education.  


Data mining is the subfield of data science statics and computer science. Data mining is a process used by companies to turn raw and unprocessed data into useful information. By using multiple software to look for patterns in large batches of data, businesses can learn more about their customers to develop more effective marketing strategies, increase sales and decrease costs. Data mining depends on user data collection, warehousing, and computer processing.


Data mining involves exploring and analysing large blocks of information to collect meaningful patterns and trends. It can be used in a variety of ways, such as database marketing, credit risk management, spam Email filtering, fraud detection, or even to discern the sentiment or opinion of users.

Data mining can be broken down into five steps:

The data mining process breaks down into five stages. First, organisations collect data and load it into their data warehouses. Next, they store and manage the data, either on or the in-house cloud servers. Business analysts, management teams and information technology professionals access the data and determine how they want to organise it. Then, application software filters the data based on the user’s results, and finally, the end-user presents the data in an easy-to-share format, such as a graph or table.

  • Organising and storing the data at the Wearhouse
  • Storage and management of the data
  • Processing the data and determining how they want to arrange it.
  • Then, application software filters the data based on the user’s results.
  • To conclude, the end-user presents the data in an easy-to-share format, such as a graph or table.


How Data Mining Differs from Data Analysis?

Data mining should not be confused with data analysis. Data mining refers to the extraction

Of data from large data sets for simplicity. Whereas, data analysis is an extraction (mining)

Of data itself.

Data Mining at Arya College

The vast database of students; information, official work, staff information, curriculum management, and other information is safe and secured in the digital format at Arya. The process of data mining is effectively used and taught to students as well. This advanced use provides us with simplified and organised data in a ready to refer and use form. This makes Arya College one of the best engineering colleges in Rajasthan. The college offers state of the art infrastructure and expert advice of professionals with an advanced syllabus. All these factors open gates for various engineering careers for the future for our students.





What does cyber security mean :

Cyber security is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyber attackers who are trying to gain unauthorized access to your system.

Why is cyber security required?

With increasing cyber dependency, there has been an excessive rise in cyber crimes as well, which has raised the need and importance of cyber security. Cybersecurity ensures safety to almost every technological activity.

The core functionality of cyber security involves protecting and defending information and systems from major cyber threats.  Cyber threats can be posed in many different forms (e.g., application attacks, malware,phishing, ransomware, exploit kits). Unfortunately, cyber attackers have learned to launch automated and sophisticated attacks using these tactics – at lower and lower costs. As a result, keeping up with cyber security strategy and operations can be a challenge, particularly in government and enterprise networks where, in their most disruptive form, cyber threats often take aim at secret, political, military or infrastructural assets of a nation, or its people. Some threats are outlined below in more detail.

Cybersecurity and Arya College

In this tech-savvy and digital world, companies require and desire well trained and smart technical personnel. This has led to a revolution in teenagers, and almost everyone is in a way or another using information technology. 

We at Arya College teach our students to not only be up to date with the latest technological feats but with proper security measures as well so that our students and their information is not misused. All information base of Arya College itself is well secured, and there are almost no chance of any data breach, which makes Arya one of the best engineering colleges in Rajasthan

At Arya, we offer a wide array of engineering careers for the future and focus on the all-round development of our students who are well equipped with technology and well versed with secured ways to use them.

Conclusion: In this advanced world not only the potential of technology is increasing but also the advancements are opening us to more theaters. Thus cyber security is the hour of the need for protecting your valuable from cyber attackers that are just waiting to lash on your systems to misuse them. 


Is industrial automation a real job eater?



Is automation taking away jobs?. This question has led scholars and analysts to ponder on this issue and come up with a definite argument. So how did this all start? With electricity being available to  industries in the early 20th century it was in the 1930’s that Tom Ford came up with an automated assembly line, which reduced the time of production and increased the number of cars by many folds, This was start of new era of automation. For the last decade of the 20th century the process of automation was moreover the same. But now everything has changed.

What’s different this time:-

The claim that recent technological advancements, especially artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, internet of things (IoT) are a threat to jobs is an argument that’s turned on its head.

If you take a closer look at the jobs that are replaced by the machines they are mostly manual labour related and blue collar jobs.

In the last couple of decades’ advancements in workflow software, content management, business rules management, productivity software, including the recent robotic process automation – in short, most information technologies – have, in fact, aided progress in orchestration and decision making as well. This means that not only the manual work, but supervision and management jobs have also been replaced by technologies.

Does this mean all the managers and blue collared workers will lose their job. The answer is no! Assuming the threat is real we should take a look at the underlying pattern here. The pattern being: automation primarily replaces the repetitive, banal and conventional parts of a knowledge worker’s job, freeing up the individual’s bandwidth to perform the real tasks expected of the knowledge worker, also creating further cash flow for the business to grow and as a whole scope of work expected of people.

The flip side of the debate is that people having a particular manual skill are still losing their jobs. Obviously, there’s an immediate burden on people to upgrade their skills or change working habits to perform real knowledge work.  However, that is what have precisely been the expectations of business as well as workers, since eternally. People get bored doing the same things over and over again, and without an external ascribe to improve their working environment, the productivity as well as motivation goes down over time.

At Arya College Jaipur:

Arya Group of Colleges offers best in class automated labs. It is one of the only few campuses which has SMT (Surface-Mount Technology) machinery available for students, which help the students to simulate the on hand machine environment. It’s not just this the best engineering college is the first MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) incubation center in the state of Rajasthan . This enables the student to harness his creativity under the guidance of experts, and gives them a learning edge against the other students as they have already acquired the technical knowledge which will be required by them in the next 5 years.


As a wise man once said “If you are not living on the edge you are taking too much  space.” In this world where  the industries are continuously evolving- machines replacing manual labour- the inventor threatened by its own invention. The only way to thrive is to keep on increasing your knowledge of the industry.

To put the debate we started with to rest. No, automation is not taking away jobs. The increase in the global industrial has never been this enormous. The only thing which automation is inflicting is rise in the demand of more technical sound workers who are efficient. The demand for skilled labour has never been this huge. The only question that remains is whether you are skillful enough to take the job or not.

Digital India


In the year 2015 the union government embarked on a flagship programme to transform India into a digitally empowered society and a knowledgeable economy. The project was called  Digital India Programme.

The initiative is centered on three key points

  • The development of digital infrastructure.
  • Delivery of government services digitally.
  • Eradication of digital literacy.  

Since the launch India has charted a unique path to digitization, the impact of which is inclusive, empowering and trans-formative. Today India is amongst the top two countries globally on many dimensions of digital adoption, and by the Year 2022 India’s digital economy is likely to cross one trillion dollars. India is becoming a world superpower in the field of digitization.

Impact and Growth:

The digital India initiative has led to a digital revolution in the country. The transformations it has brought about in the lives of citizens today is revolutionary. India is  making tremendous progress in the field of digital infrastructure, broadband connectivity is reaching villages. Over hundred crore mobile phones are active in the country. According to a report by Internet and Mobile Association of India internet data is becoming the tool for service delivery. India’s Internet services sector is expected to reach 76.4 billion dollars in 2020 to up by forty four percent from its current evaluation of 30.8 billion dollars in this report.

Since its launch significant progress has been made under the digital India programme in three and a half years more than 12,000 rural post office branches have been linked digitally.  Electronic transactions related to e-governance projects in the country have increased significantly in order to strengthen digital infrastructure. Two lakh seventy four thousand two hundred and forty six kilometres of optic fibre connecting more than one lakh gram panchayats under Bharat net has been laid. There’s been a rapid expansion in the network of common service centres which act as access points for delivery of various electronic services to villages in India positioned as strategic cornerstone of the digital India programme. VG Gao or digital village is conceptualized as a connected village where citizens can avail various e-Services of the central government state governments and private players.  In the last few years India’s digital index has grown tremendously it rose by 56 percent during 2014 to 2017 from 18 to 29 on a scale of one to hundred. This has placed the country’s second in terms of growth among 17 emerging and mature digital economies. According to McKinsey Global Institute there’s also been a steady rise in the use of Internet users in the country in the last few years due to increased availability of mobile Internet in India. India has around 300 million daily active users up from 10 to 15 million daily active users in 2011 at the current pace of growth the total number of Internet users in India is expected to be 650 million by 2020. Besides the government has also introduced a number of initiatives like digital lockers to share documents electronically the cloud storage service is now being used by millions of Indians to enable digital payments.

By 31st March 2019 the digital India initiative is not only creating empowerment but also generating employment opportunities and is promoting entrepreneurship.

The digital India initiative is transforming not just the technology space but also contributing to environmental changes, e-generation technologies will help in lowering the carbon footprint, reducing fuel consumption and waste management.



Arya Group of Colleges is pioneering digital marketing as the group itself certified with Google Adwords. They arrange many certificate courses in association with Google for students’ in depth learning. Many short certificate courses are also taught to the students during their internships.

Recently Arya  College conducted 5 day free of cost seminar come workshop in digital marketing for the better learning of the students and understanding of digital marketing. The industry pioneering engineering group clearly understands that digital marketing is going to 1.6 trillion dollar market so they have introduced certificate courses in their as well curriculum so that students are ready for any sorts of challenges once they are out of Arya Group of Colleges.

It is the commitment of Arya Group of Colleges that they will provide students which are profound in every aspect to the industry.   


India is at the forefront of driving the global digital revolution forward. India’s economy is rapidly converting into a digital economy with a latter expected to touch 1 trillion dollar mark by 2022 by 2030 India will be 10 trillion dollar economy with half of this accounted for by the digital economy.

The impact of digital India campaign has still not gained full potency.The rural areas are still deprived of the benefits of digitization to a larger extent. Network issues, lack of digital infrastructure, low penetration of smartphones, poor maintenance of the existing infrastructure are still impediments in the way of a fully digitalised and modernised India.