First Year Department

1. About the Department:

Our job is to make sure your college experience is everything it should be exciting, stimulating and successful.

The first year of the college is the year when students leave their schooldays and try to fit into an adult life. Energy levels are high and so are the curiosity levels. This is the time to explore self and ones intellectual is the time to lay a strong foundation for a strong and huge edifice. It’s an extremely challenging but thrilling time of life.

Arya Group of Colleges is prepared to team up and guide the new budding engineers in their quest for success and overall development. We put tremendous effort in grooming the students and work towards their all rounded development and growth. We are a futuristic institute with a number of years of experience. We help students evolve with their values in place. Our Team displays the behavior and dedication which sets an example for the students to emulate.

Not only is education and helping establishing their roots in engineering for a firmer foundation our goal, but working on their attitude, discipline, personalities and offering them ample opportunities to come out of their cocoon and grow in fine and confident individuals is our untiring resolve.

We have successfully built a culture of mutual respect and Sanskar. Guiding students in exploring thier intellectual strengths and translating it into success is where our strength lies.

Not only do we not compromise on the regularity of classes but make sure that students participate and enjoy their student life as well. We regularly conduct extra curricular cultural activities, sports events and offer communication clubs for improving their communication skills.

As rightly said ‘soft skills are the life skills for today’s generation. Emotional Intelligence is just as important as Intelligent Quotient and the good news is that it can be built. And institute and we as are ready to work towards it. Thus, we incessantly work on the soft skills of our students. Every once a while bringing in experts from the industry to give them an insight into the real world.

2. Vision And Mission:

Vision: To be the Prime Source of Education, Workforce Training, Partnerships and Economic Development.

Mission: The mission of Arya Group of College is to provide innovative educational environment, opportunities, and experiences that enables individuals, communities, and the region to grow, thrive, and prosper.

3. Best Labs In Rajasthan:

In accordance with the RTU guidelines and beyond, our department has well designed and fully equipped laboratories for different subjects:

1. Physics Labs

2. Chemistry Labs

3. Electrical & Electronics Lab

4. Communication Skills Lab

5. Language lab

6. Mechanical Workshop Lab

4. Department Specializations:

a) Focus Area:

The teaching module comprise of lectures, tutorials and practicals. The methodology adopted in the classroom teaching is based on the application of innovative strategies, comprehensive lectures, regular assignments and interaction between teachers and students.

b) Digital Notes:

Our classes are made interactive with the use of power point presentations, videos and demos, wherever possible. Students are encouraged to give seminars on latest developments on some of the topics being taught.

c) Evaluation System:

The department has its unique way of evaluating the performance of students. Regular assignments and unit test at the completion of each unit guides the students about RTU curriculum and therefore boost their confidence for the examination.

The department also conducts test series for the students in order to improve their performance in the examination. Extra classes are also conducted if the students are not able to understand certain topics.

d) Student Development and Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) Cell

A group of ignited minds clustered together to provide regular inputs for the complete development of a student. The main objective of student development cell (SDC) is to identify the potential of each student and to facilitate them in achieving their academic goods through various clues.

It provides an exclusive platform for different dimension of learning networking and socializing outside of the classroom. SDC organizes a variety of events such as workshops, skill development courses, power lecture series, motivational seminars, value added courses and many more to mention.

5. Course & No. of Seats:

The students of the department have been able to secure campus placements in many reputed companies including:

  • B. Tech.:
  • B. Tech.:
  • B. Tech.:
  • B. Tech.:
  • B. Tech.:
  • Electronics & Communication:
  • Electrical Engineering:
  • Information Technology:
  • Mechanical Engineering:
  • Computer Science & Engineering:
  • 180 Seats
  • 120 Seats
  • 90 Seats
  • 120 Seats
  • 180 Seats

6. Message By HOD:

Dear Students!

Welcome to first year department. The department has conducive environment and enormous learning opportunities for the right candidates. It is an opportunity to foster the character building and good future life ultimately to emerge as tomorrow's nation builders. Our vision is 'to produce world class engineers for converting global challenges into the opportunities through the value embedded quality technical education'.

All the teaching faculty in the institute, strive hard to impart training for the students to make them competent, motivated engineers and scientists ultimately developing the institute as a centre of academic excellence. Their endeavor is to inculcate a solid foundation of knowledge and enhancing confidence, creativity and innovation in the students. Arya is one of the Best civil Engineering college in Jaipur.


Department of 1st Year & Humanities


7. Syllabus:

AICTE approved & RTU Affiliated syllabus

8. Success Oriented Results:

The department is renowned for the best results of University Exams. The unique assignments system and model papers play a vital role in contributing the best results in University Exams.

9. Conferences/Seminars and Workshops:

Arya also provides a good platform to its educators as well as scholars for their exposure in various national & international conferences, seminars and workshops to show their talents in various fields.

10. Faculty Development Programs (FDP) :

We also organize several Students Orientation Program & Faculty Development Programs so that they may keep a pace with this technocratic world and fulfill the demands of the time.