Cafeteria :The college has their huge mess , which serves healthy and best nutritious cuisines to its students.

Mess Facilities:

  • 1. Mess facility is an integral part of the college, which provides wholesome, nutritious & homely food to all hostellers, faculty & staff members .
  • 2. The mess serves Vegetarian Food only and operates in self service mode.
  • 3. The mess provides morning tea, regular breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and tea, dinner and milk to all hostellers.
  • 4. The menu of the items is designed in consideration with requirements of the students and nutrition is added to make it healthy and complete.
  • 5. The stay in the hostel gives a sense of solidarity amongst the students. Mess caters to the tastes of the students of different region and students with varied culinary preferences.
  • 6. Mess menu is planed and managed by the management in consultation with the students.

Canteen :The college has its own canteen, which serves healthy and nutritious food to its students at subsidized rates. The menu varies from spicy samosas, wafers to full-meals. The students also have a wide range of chocolates and soft drinks to choose from.

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engg canteen
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college canteen sitting
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