President Desk

Message from President Desk

arya college president

Dr.Arvind Agarwal

President, Arya Group of Colleges

"The student success will define our success and in order to ensure that the students succeed in all their endeavors, I am dedicated to provide the best of resources, faculties, placements, and Infrastructure to sustain and boost Student Success”. Providing Best Quality Education and the most lucrative career opportunities to my students is my ultimate goal. Engineers are the future of India. They require the right set of skills to help them carve a better nation vis-a-vis a better world."

Success today is mapped with Placements. We at Arya Group of Colleges are there to provide the best median to carve the success stories of the Engineering youth. I have been predominantly focusing on bridging the Industry Academia Gap and our sustained & continuous efforts are bringing us closer to our goal each day.

I further believe that to impart quality education, it’s necessary to have a developed approach, firm determination and dedicated efforts. And what is important here to know is that a blend of all these factors has cohesively marked success and growth of Arya Group of Colleges.

We also inculcate the spirit of Entrepreneurship in the students and provide them with ample opportunities to shift their paradigm from Job Seekers to Job Providers. Sound strategies have been put into practice and rigorous work has been executed by the Institute in achieving its mission.

India has enters in to the phase of rapid growth & development & will establish itself as a global super power to provide best of Innovation, Technology breakthrough & IT revolution.

I hope after achieving B.Tech / M.Tech / MBA /B .Pharma /M .Pharma education, you will compete with the best of talent to become best in your respective field.

Student success is paramount and we leave no stone unturned to create a different and higher definition of success for Aryans. In Nut Shell, a Combination of Sound Vision, Best Resources and Infrastructure, Dedicated Team and endless efforts have distinguished and benchmarked Arya Group of Colleges.

All Management , Faculty Members, Staff and other resources will ensure that you get Best of Placement and Academic Excellence and your journey with us is fantastic fruitful and fabulous. Be assure the best of future is awaiting you, once you pass out of this campus and all you have to do is to stay motivated and dedicated to your career and success.

Rest we will assure for you. May God Bless You!

Jai Hind !!!